Conservative commentator George Will on the Sistine Chapel

From the combox for a piece at another site, discussing comments made by American conservative commentator George Will:

Donald Trump, as so often happens, captured the essence Mr. George Will.

Trump asked “Why does he wear those glasses?”, providing the answer “He hopes that maybe we will think he’s smart”.

Mr. Will approvingly quotes Ridley’s writing “On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,” Ridley says, “Adam and God touch fingers. To the uneducated eye it is not clear who is blah blah blah”

But Oops. They are are not touching fingers.

They are striving to, but not quite making it.

That fact is crucial to an understanding of the painting.

Could anything be more laughable, than a pompous writer attempting to sneer at the rubes by citing one of the most famous works of art in history, shows off his ignorance to millions of people.

Reality check: The future of conservative parties in North America will, one fears, provide some answers to the question of whether anything could be more laughable. It is no longer required of conservatives to even know much about the culture they seek to defend.

One consequence is that they do not know when things are irretrievably lost. For example, few are appalled by the precious little asshats invading a campus library (with all that that means and implies). It’s no use blaming the preciouses.

They’re the future, and to the extent that universities crumble under their assault, they are merely revealing that the university of the future will not be a successor to that of past eras, and the intellectual life must be sought elsewhere.

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  • Spatchcocked

    Kurt Vonnegut on George Will”: a bespectacled owlish nincompoop.”

    ….intro to Slaughterhouse 5