The West Should Stop Apologizing for the Middle East

Review: Efraim Karsh, ‘The Tail Wags the Dog: International Politics and the Middle East’

If there is one proposition on which there is a consensus among Middle East experts—from academia to the media, and to politicians who echo them both—it is that the “root cause” of present problems in the region are the Western imperialists who imposed their will on its hapless indigenous peoples. According to this narrative, Western powers had been nibbling at the margins of the Ottoman Empire and seized on the opportunity offered by its siding with Germany in World War I. Secret agreements between imperialist powers determined new political boundaries without regard to the needs or interests of those who lived in the region, or to any promises made in the past.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It’s much like the argument that western civilization has provoked radical Islam among Muslims living in the west.
    It’s a false solution that avoids a much more volatile truth that the whole of Islam and her followers are utterly unassimilable and have no business being here, in any capacity. Once you recognize that truth, you then must bar all further entry of Muslims to the west along with the eventual deportation of the Islamic faithful.

    • John

      It’s a false solution that avoids a much more volatile truth that the
      whole of Islam and her followers are utterly unassimilable and have no
      business being here, in any capacity.

      Yep, and here’s yet another example. These people should NOT be working in the food industry. A little revenge sabotage could put Cargill right out of business.

    • Islam is a supremacist ideology, it’s adherents are taught that the cult must triumph over all others and that armed jihad and the establishment of a caliphate are their duty.

      Who thought this was a good fit for western society?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I think much of it was flat-out naïveté.
        Hell, the leftists here is the west don’t even know that much about Christianity, and that’s pretty easy to look up.
        They just ‘KNEW’ that they were “beautiful brown people” and that was just what the west needed.
        Now that the results of their mistake are painfully obvious to all, there is no way in Hell that they will ever admit their mistakes, because just that one thing tends to put a huge crack in the entire mythology of multiculturalism.
        Once that edifice falls, they are done for.

      • Islam is nothing more than a killing “cult” on steroids.

        Unfortunately it is also a very successful cult blueprint, and quite contagious.

  • terrence

    This mooslime crap has been going since the very earliest mooslimes. I just read a book called “Jefferson, and the Tripoli Pirates.” Guess who were the pirates (back in the very early 1800’s).

  • Allan

    I just ordered the book. Although I am a voracious reader on the general topic, I have never come across a narrative that does not affirm the destruction of the Middle East visa vie, “Sykes-Picot.

  • Ed

    There’s these folks, see, who because of unemployment turn to jihad. So the solution is to import these unemployed folks into the West, where they compete directly for low skilled work with natives, thereby driving wages down and unemployment up. And unemployment causes jihad. Clear?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Better yet, just ignore the entire shitbucket. No comment, no involvement. Nothing. Just peek in occasionally to make sure they’re still raping and exterminating one another to extinction. What’s the worst that happens? A few thousand escape to Europe to kill some retards there?

  • Tokenn

    I read Karsh’s book in December, and it was a real eye-opener. I highly recommend it. It’s main thesis is that a great deal of the turmoil in the Middle East is the result of a struggle within the Arab/Islamic world to re-establish a modern equivalent of the Ottoman Caliphate that was destroyed by decadence and bad alliances [mainly with Germany during The Great War]. Of course the West can take some blame for messing around in the situation…the perspective of Cold War competition between the USA/Britain and Soviet Russia certainly enters into it.

    However the more I look at the history of the Middle East and Islamic world, the more I see that many important facts have been forgotten, or deliberately obfusticated. It’s a huge subject…I am starting to believe that the conflict between The West and the Islamic world is the most important historical matter of the last 1400 years…and yet I heard almost noting about it in my schoolboy days.