Putin: Western Civilization “going extinct”

  • P_F

    If we take his words then this guy makes more sense than any other political leader of the west (including our current spineless conservatives).
    If Mr. Putin remains true to his words and Mr. Trump wins the election in US there will be some hope for western civilization otherwise, we are done.

  • A very lucid and true statement by Putin.

  • “Putin: Western Civilization ‘going extinct'”. You get the feeling he says that because he doesn’t want that to happen.

    • Solo712

      Of course, he does not want that to happen. Russia had always its own ways but its ties have always been much stronger with the West than the East. It was Russia’s traditional cultural ties to the West that saved the world from a nuclear catastrophe during the Cold War (Mao wanted Khruschev to launch nuclear war against the US). It is a great irony that Putin, a former KGB officer of an officially atheist USSR, now stands alone (Berlusconi is now gone) among the leaders of the formerly Christian world to uphold Christian morality, values and traditions.

  • Gary

    Toronto is now a depressed American City by-proxy from the gun deaths and Welfare Industrial Complex with non-white ghettos even if the Mayor and Lesbian Wynne deny it.
    We all know the special words used to label these areas which the Police also use because the Crime Stats map makes it clear where the murders are and which Religion has the males doing most of the Rapes in those areas.

    It was 25 years ago that I warned people about the homicides and drug issues on top of the insane refugee and Immigration system . People will remember that I did speak about it said that if the White Politicians keep ignoring the blacks being shot and killed by guns just to get their votes and boast how safe Toronto is that we risk it becoming a Detroit or Chicago in the near future. I also warned the Multiculturalism is fine until Canada is at war with a nation that has people from it in Canada that will be loyal to that nation or their people.
    We now see islam has devout and loyal followers inside canada that have tried terrorist bomb plots while while two muslims obeyed ISIS to kill our soldiers on the street as they did in 2014.
    When Toronto is 90% non-whites and 80% immigrants and refugees not born here , it will be hard for them to blame the riots, torching and ghettos in the City on Whitey . They will turn on each other and cause a 1930’s gangster style Chicago battle but we will still hear Liberals say that Toronto is safe and we are not like those US Cities .

    Canadians made Canada great , but Trudeau thought is was always like that and that if he let in millions from different parts of the World and cultures they’d be just like us and work hard while rejecting welfare as a sign of failure unless really needed .
    Well, 15,000,000 people later we have a National Combined debt of $4 trillion dollars and going up with no plans to stop the Election fraud and corruption in Government that keep handing out FREE stuff to the low IQ voters . There are still 7 billion people outside of Canada where at least 400,000,000 are oppressed women in islamic run homes that would qualify as a refugee by Liberals to come here. The UN has a list of 40,000,000 Global refugees that would qualify to come to Canada……but at what point is it cultural and religious suicide to run a nation by emotion and a Photo of a staged Boy On The Beach where Politicians start a bidding war for how many refugees we should bring in pre-Election that started at 10,000 and is now 50,000+ .

    Below are the Hollow men filled with straw that lean together and whisper like a wind through dry grass .

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Putin is right the West society is praying on a materialist world , good family values are gone , dogs already replace children that means the white society is sinking like the Titanic .

    • Except it’s not a “white society” — the Western hemisphere has always been multicultural since the day that Europeans landed here and traded with and intermarried with the Indians. The problem is State-enforced multiculturalism, which divides the races and obstruct that natural relationship between races. Official multiculturalism is racist.

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        You have positive view, but I guess you are not blind , the past century the white society were more caring whit good values for their own families , now is different pleasure is more important than having a good family with is attached to nature , Australia is changing that I hope the EU and Noth America follow that .