Ooops… from not terror related to… Muslim Who Shouted Allah Akbar & Tried to Run Over Soldiers Had Jihadist Propaganda Stash

6:30 p.m.: Alex Perrin prosecutor told Valencia tonight at Dauphiné Libéré, “Jihadist propaganda images were found in the hardware driver into custody.” This equipment has been seized by investigators SRPJ Lyon during the search of his home in Bron. In addition, Mr. Perrin said: “At the first audition, this Saturday afternoon at the hospital, the man said he still had the will to take the violent act against the military.”

Previously… 14 H 48: the “terrorist track is currently ruled out”, said Saturday the prosecutor, referring to the “behavior of a solitary individual.”


Pic above is Raouf E. the Tunisian Jihadi

  • V10_Rob

    What a shocking twist of events.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As long as Western authorities go into denial, the jihadists win.

  • Shebel

    What is with this constant denial ?
    Devout Muslims want to kill or enslave us. The keep telling us that this is their goal.
    Why do our Politicians tell us the opposite ?
    Do they think that Canadians are so dumb that we can’t handle the TRUTH.

    • No, the politicians think we are so dumb we will swallow their lies.

    • Gary

      Don’t forget the two terrorism attacks in Canada in 2014 where soldiers were killed .
      The NDP, CBC , Liberals and Muslims did their dance as usual to find any cause for the ISIS/quran inspired jihad murders other than islam or being a devout muslim.
      Justin not only refuses to see the sharia law FGM and Honour-killings as barbaric but he aiding ISIS and these islamist killer by excusing away what they did on a Mental illness, drugs, unemployment and depression issues.

      Toronto’s Police Chief Blair (now a Liberal MP) told us just after the Toronto-18 arrests for the terrorism plot by muslim males from a Mississauga mosque that this had NOTHING to do with islam or muslims.
      It now makes sense for a Police Chief that had a political bias
      to cover-up islamic terrorism or honour killings, attack and enforce the laws for pro-life people, plus allow gays to break the Federal Laws for child-abuse or sexual predators in public during the PRIDE parade as naked males enjoyed exposing them self around little girls as the Police provided security for them to break the laws.
      This also males sense for why Blair and Wynne still refused to enforce the Federal Laws that protect children and were very quiet about Ben Levin’s kiddie porn and pedophilia.

      There are several Protected Classes of Minority groups in Canada which we better get used to and forget about the Justice and the Laws of Canada because Trudeau and Wynne control the OPP, RCMP , Toronto Police and CSIS in their little Kingdoms .
      John Tory drank the Progressive Liberal kool-ade as well because
      he swore that if he was Mayor he would force the Police to make arrests during PRIDE because children were being harmed.
      Now Tory joined in to toss the children to the perverts while Brown Immigrant women within islam will keep getting killed and beaten thanks to Justin and Wynne going down on muhammed 5 times a day for the votes.

      I proved a point to someone that called me a homophobic hater. I posted a photo from the PRIDE on facebook which they removed from the complaints and deemed Offensive to Community Standards and obscene for the Nudity rules.
      Thank you facebook, now go tell John Tory and the Lesbian in Ontario plus Imam Justin that is letting in over 20,000 pro-sharia devout homophobic muslims from Syria which will be more aggressive in their contempt for gay nudity .

      The photo below is not the facebook photo , my posted photo didn’t show it was from PRIDE because I wanted to prove it was obscene by other as well as not to be called the prude or homophobe.
      The picture below is what Tory calls a Family Event and good use the Police dollars to spread Diversity and tolerance.

    • canminuteman

      Some of them really are that stupid. They really do believe their own words. They have been educated to believe everything their grievance studies professors taught them and you are not going to change their minds. I think others do get it, but after pushing for multiculturalism and diversity for decades they are not prepared to admit that they were wrong all along. Then there are the ones who side with the muslims and want us all dead.

  • The French city is called Valence. Valencia is a city in Spain.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Who shot Liberty Valencia?

  • Spatchcocked

    He was the bravest of them all.