Muslims dressed in ‘military clothing’ attack Indian air force base

At least six people have died after gunmen dressed in ‘military clothing’ attacked an Indian air force base close to the border with Pakistan, according to reports.

Officials say the four gunmen stormed Pathankot airbase in Punjab in the early hours of Saturday morning in a hijacked car which reportedly belongs to a police superintendent.

They were killed in a three-hour shoot-off with commandos and two guards also lost their lives, according to reports.

One unnamed security official told AFP news agency he believed the attackers were from extremist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, which is based in Pakistan.

  • mobuyus

    Muslims dressed as humans should be the headline.

  • canminuteman

    The Pakistanis really should be careful. The Indian army is really quite a professional force, who has put them in their place on several occasions. If there is a war between India and Pakistan, Pakistan will definitely come out second best.

  • ntt1

    Time to start a pool as to how soon a muslim atrocity is committed in a new year.
    islam ;the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Maurice Miner

    I don’t see the issue here – four Lone Wolves and a bit of workplace violence.

    Nothing to do with Islam, Allah (swt) be praised!