Media gleefully reporting al-Shabab video with Trump, IGNORES Hillary and ‘Black Lives Matter’ are in it TOO!!

El Trumpo is finally being used in a terrorist training video and the media couldn’t be more happy.

Here is the video link – Path to paradise 2 featuring Trump.

I recommend you watch it. It is pretty slick. It features Dead Muslim terrorist and alleged “Canadian” Mahad Ali Dhore, who got killed in 2013.

Mahad Ali Dhore dead Canadian Muslim terrorist

  • andycanuck

    I understand they also named Trump as their enemy; something they didn’t do to Hillary. F#ck them all.

    • Actually here’s the quote from the Wall Street Journal (posted earlier):

      “To be sure, Mr. Trump’s appearance in the al Shabaab video was only brief, and he wasn’t the only American singled out. Towards the end of the video, a Shabaab militant claiming to be in Somalia and speaking in English threatened to carry out a terror attack on a grander scale than the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and also said the group planned to kill President Barack Obama.”

      Apparently Trump was mentioned the least in that video — everybody else was mentioned more, including Obama who was threatened with ASSASSINATION.

      I’d still like to see the video so we can judge for ourselves — why don’t the idiots release it? Everything is hearsay so far.

      • I will look for it, it can likely be found on one of the Jihadi sites.

        • Apparently the video was obtained by “SITE Intelligence Group”, whoever that is.

          • Yea they keep their stuff under lock and key, behind a paywall.

            But anything they have can be sourced from the Jihadi sites directly if you know where to look.

          • Xavier

            I have it (at least the part that mentions Trump) but can’t upload because of size. It was an embedded video so there’s no link.

          • Xavier
          • Xavier

            I have found 51 second and 2 & 1/2 minute versions with the Trump fotage. The full video was widely distributed via Twitter on 1/1 and is apparently 51:44 minutes long.

          • Any links?

          • Xavier

            My bandwidth is down to almost nothing and I cannot open the pages that contain the videos, nor can I upload them to this site. I did manage to email the smaller one to BCF earlier. Perhaps he can post it.

          • It’s up!

          • I am uploading the video now.

          • I have the full video now and am uploading it.

    • Trump’s numbers will go up.

      Islam driven Muslim terrorism gets more news coverage.

      Hillary and the democrats look like they are siding with the terrorists.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I’m sure that Trump feels honored at being named their enemy. The more this video imbroglio persists, the deeper the shit Hillary will find herself in for planting the idea in jihadist heads.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So basically ISIS listened to Hillary and carried out her suggestion. They will make a showing the DNC this year.

  • Xavier

    Watch Trump turn this into pure gold.

    • It’s a really slick production features a dead Canadian Jihadi as well.

      Plus and I will check, a US based Imam who is often let into Canada to speak.

  • Offt Opic

    Hey BCF;

    This is off topic but I was wondering if you featured this elsewhere?

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that Trudeau chose his Democratic Reform Minister from the religion of democracy?

    • David

      I think thats what they call rich.

    • I did some quick research. For what it’s worth:
      – Monsef is pro-abortion (due to Trudeau’s edict)
      – She’s against a referendum on the new electoral system (Trudeau’s edict)

      Much of which the Libs are doing is by edict, and I’m not sure that the fact that she is Muslim is significant apart from the fact Trudeau simply wants lots of Muslims in his Government so he can say “look at me, I’m the biggest anti-Islamophobe on the globe — even bigger than Barack Obama”. She’s basically Trudeau’s puppet.

      Can’t really tell from any of the bios if she’s had any “radical” connections, apparently she fled the Taliban in Afghanistan. But both her father and uncle died under unexplained circumstances during the Soviet occupation and the Mujahadeen anti-communist uprising and the family ended up in Iran — they seem to be of Persian/Iranian background. Very sparse info on this lady.

    • I will look into her.

  • Xavier

    Since you mention Hillary, here’s a video she doesn’t want you to see.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hilldog can now add the title of Jihadist Communications Advisor to her voluminous resume.

  • Xavier

    If you don’t mind taking a shower afterwards, venture on over to Twitter and search on ‘ISIS video Trump’. (I know it isn’t an ISIS video) The comments show the full depth of the liberal mind: Trump is a demagogue, Hillary is fully vindicated, Trump is a racist bigot responsible for terrorism, etc. These people are not only spreading disinformation, they’re insane. And mean like a snake.

  • I have the video and am uploading it now. Sorry for the delay but I had to do a Costco run.

  • pdxnag

    Clinton’s allies.

  • FactsWillOut

    Let ’em recruit. Then glass the entire region.
    Trump 2016.

    • terrence

      Too long for me – now anyway (just over 50 minutes…)

    • Yeoman’s work Cat. And Xavier. Thank you.

    • Appears that the final cut of the recruitment video was produced on Dec. 21, 2015 — two days AFTER Hillary lied and blamed Trump (Dec. 19 debate). Here’s the advanced media info (you may have to zoom it):

      • Lots to think about in that vid. For starters it’s obvious why it’s full contents have not been disclosed in the MSM — it’s damning to Obama and Hillary and the fact that the final cut (with Trump’s brief appearance) was probably added due to Hillary’s signaling, if the media info above is accurate. The bulk of the vid was in fact “martyrdom” footage from years earlier as far back as 2008.

        But more damning is the fact that the terrorists are using the exact same narrative of the radical Left in the U.S., for their recruitment purposes — everything from BLM to lionizing Malcom X. Incredible propaganda and disinformation — Malcom X in fact renounced Black Power racism, renounced membership in the Nation of Islam, and was ultimately murdered by members of the Nation of Islam. And the fact that the focus of the video’s wrath is on Barack Obama (not Trump) because Obama killed Osama Bin Ladin. The final message was to Obama with the narrator indicating that he would cut Obama’s throat.

        The deliberate misrepresentation of the press, Hillary, and Obama are unpardonable. This is scandalous beyond words.

  • Everyone Else

    This is Pallywood all over again – but aimed at a much bigger target.

    Huge shitstorm on the horizon …