Mapped: how a demographic time bomb will transform the global economy

Advanced economies risk sleepwalking into a new reality of permanently lower growth and higher debt unless policymakers tackle ageing populations

The article offers no answers beyond “more babies” and of course “more immigration” but at least admits that an influx of unskilled labour is not going to help things.

“More Babies” works but takes time and a cultural sea change will be required before birth rates increase. Those who most favour mass immigration, corporations and the political class, do so out of monetary self interest translated as cheap labour, depressed wages, contrived shortages and more pockets to pick to fund entitlements.

The coming class war will see citizens pitted against our predatory public service unions. We won’t have pensions, but the political class will expect us to fund theirs.

  • Exile1981

    Time to move to Antartica.

    • Tax Revolt.

    • Even that will be full of Muslims once you do.

      • Brett_McS

        Exactly. There were very few Muslims in Judea and Sumeria until the Jews started making something of the place.

  • Yo Mama

    I think our governments have already thought about euthanasia, and young newcomers shouting Allahu Akbar while swinging swords, to solve the problem of too many old citizens.

  • Of course, Muslim immigrants will not increase tax and pension incomes, but merely increase welfare handout expenses. So immigration is not a solution to the problem but an exacerbation of it. It is programmed national suicide.

  • Brett_McS

    As long as we ship any politicians who want to take immigrants in from, say, Somalia, off to Somalia, I don’t see too much downside to a temporarily reduced population. After all, what are all the robots going to do?

  • John

    I’m not sure this demographic implosion will be the story of the 21st century. We are at such a technological/scientific crossroads involving so many unpredictable factors that it becomes impossible to predict even 15 or 20 years ahead. Japan’s population has been falling for close to 25 years and yet the country’s quality of life hasn’t suffered. And the fact Japan has eschewed mass immigration means the county is a far safer place to live than, say, America, the UK or France.

    ‘Safe’ means low cost.

    The article drones on about ageing populations and the increasing cost of health care, but says nothing about the enormous cost of immigration. How much, for example, did it cost to protect Times Square from ‘Diversity’ for just a few short hours last Thursday evening? How many senior residences could have been built with the tens of billions ( 100s of billions?) spent on national security since 911? What’s the percentage of our pensions being pissed away policing radical Muslims and other dangerous undesirables we’ve so foolishly imported?