Culturist Immigration Policy: It’s “Who We Are”

President Obama and the United States Congress are now fighting over whether or not to restrict the Syrian refugees the President wants to bring into the nation. To those who wish to differentiate between religions or cultural groups in immigration policy, Obama said, “That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are.”

Yet, prior to 1965, our immigration policy history had always been culturist. Our policies assumed we have a particular traditional majority culture – a Protestant one – and a right as well as a duty to protect and promote it. This article will describe our culturist immigration policy history in order to help us to understand the nature of our traditional culturist reasoning and policies. Not incidentally, it will also challenge Obama’s characterization of “who we are.”

The Puritans were very discriminatory and very culturist. And, herein there is a big misunderstanding. People say the Puritans came to the U.S. for religious freedom. That is a dangerous half-truth. The Puritans came here for their freedom to be stricter and more exclusive than any Christian group ever before. They only allowed Puritans into their areas and ostracized people who minutely diverged from their dogma. Their policies were very culturist; they acknowledged that they had a traditional majority culture and worked to protect it.

  • bob e

    look at the nightly local news in any city or town & you will see what kind of garbage has been imported into the US .. never have we had this level of “cheap dirty crime” . in mexico & points south, the AGE of CONSENT for a girl is ’12 YEARS OLD’ . it goes on & on ..bringing their
    3rd world with them ..

  • Reader
  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It also took the Puritans a hundred and fifty years to learn the hard lessons of the world so they could found the government they did in 1789.

    • Gary

      I thought it was 1787 since the 13 Colonies took 11 years to iron out an agreement they all could sign.
      The Statue Of Liberty was gift from France in for it’s 100 years in 1887 and it took until 1889 to finish building it and was restored in 1989 by Lee Ioccoa.
      Did I miss something because the History lists the USMC as formed in 1775 but a banner I saw in the last 1990’s had a notation at the bottom ” Since 1787″ .

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I’ll trust your data.
        I only know that the year of independence was not the date of the Constitution.

        • Gary

          I also found out that July 1st is more like the day for the declaration of independence because it was send by horse to finalize the signatures and present it which took until the 4th to get there which is now used as the date .

  • Gary

    I have been watching the TV debate shows about the 2016 Election and it seems that there is a Minority envy where Cubans from Florida would like to see a Cuban president one day soon , a Black women wants to see a women President , the Latino Congressmen wants a Latino President , the Hispanics want their President as do Muslims , trans people and gays .

    What the hell happened to running the Nations to keep the people safe and create a system that helps the Private people create real jobs .
    This isn’t a Campus with the Elections for the Student Body to be fair and stop those from having their feeling hurt, this is the real World.
    The latino Congressmen actually boasted about how fast his people are growing from the large families and that the nation will change one day when they will hold the power.
    Good luck because muslims are saying the same thing that they will dominate one day which Obama is aiding to happen while Geb Bush will see Florida because an extension of Cuba .