A Smorgasbord of Swedish Anti-Semitism

There are fewer than 20,000 Jews in Sweden; more than 20,000 Syrians received asylum in 2014 alone. That is why so few politicians — who are eager to win the votes of immigrants — talk about Arab anti-Semitism.


This holds true for Canada, our politicians, of all stripes, are just like the Swedes.

It is the elephant in the room of PM Useful Idiot’s Syrian “Refugee” Deluge.

Whether Assad sympathizers or Jihadist sympathizers all of Syria was weaned on a steady diet of Islamic inspired anti-Semitism

  • Alain

    Naturally they wrongly assume that the only ones who will suffer are Jews, but it won’t be long before they discover that they are next in line on the list of those Muslims hate and seek to destroy.

    • They are every bit that stupid.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The first Canadian woman who gets raped by a Syrian refugee should be repaid in kind by Trudeau being placed in a prison laundry.
      I didn’t say his wife.
      She just made a bad bet.

    • FactsWillOut

      They have nothing to fear fro a bunch of inbred savages.
      Those inbred savages are their attack dogs to be used against us.

    • P_F

      I think there will be mass conversion of Swedish people to islam for protection from these barbarian mohammedans. 70-80 years of prosperity has made them complacent & cowards, completely indifferent to their culture, religion & national identity.

  • Physics grad

    Trudeau is a treasonous scumbag

  • Hard Little Machine

    At some point the Jews there will either have to leave or will be killed or will be put in camps ‘for their own protection of course’. No one can say they weren’t warned.

    • FactsWillOut

      Canaries in the coal mine?

      • Hard Little Machine

        Not exactly – it’s been going on slowly for a long time. And if the new ‘refugees’ turn on their hosts and kill them, but their hosts welcome it, is it really anything to be concerned about?

        • FactsWillOut

          Our leaders are their hosts. We are not.
          The war has already begun, and folk are getting tired of it.
          Rivers of blood are nearing.

    • Shebel

      Leave for where ?

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Israel will never say no to them. The recently concluded year saw 30,000 Jews relocate to Israel, mostly from France, Ukraine and Russia, and it is prepared to absorb as many as want to return.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Israel, the US, Canada, Australia

  • FactsWillOut

    Replacing Lockeans with Hobbsians is a logical thing to do for those who seek corrupted power.

  • ontario john

    And now with the two main bat shit crazy muslim groups at each others throats, we can expect the same bullshit here. Oh wait, I forgot we are only getting the good muslims “Sunny Ways”

  • Shebel

    Justin is an amazing man—
    He has the ability to tell a bad Muslim from a good Muslim that wants to kill us.

  • marty_p

    PM Trudedope has sold his Jewish supporters down the river. Not one Jew in his cabinet – at least his Liberal predecessors had at least one Jew in their cabinet – Irwin Cotler or Herb Gray back in the Pierre Trudeau/Turner/Chretien eras.
    I wonder how Barry Sherman feels now about his mega donations to the Liberals when Justin has embraced Mo’s for cabinet positions and shit on Jews…knowing the mindset of the liberal Liberal supporters, I am sure there are a ton of excuses that will be found.

    • Alain

      I still feel absolutely no sympathy for any Jew who joins or votes for the Liberals.

    • Will Quest

      In 2011 Justin Trudeau calls Peter Kent a ‘piece of shit’ in House of Commons …during a heated debate over the Kyoto Protocol. Trudeau could be heard shouting, “Oh, you piece of shit,” at Kent.

      Quiet obviously before Ti-PET’s declaration of ” Sunny Ways ” !