We’re World Famous In Switzerland!

Well sorta…

LesObservateurs.ch is a Swiss publication that is currently under threat of prosecution by the French socialist government for publishing a photo of H. Cornara, the unfortunate Frenchman beheaded in a terror attack in July of last year.

BCF is listed among a number blogs etc that posted a screen shot of the Jihadi twitter account that carried a graphic pic of the victim taken by the Muslim murderer.

LesObservateurs.ch wonders why they among so many others are being singled out.

Note that they are being threatened with 5 years in prison and a 75,000 euros fine!

I hope the Frenchies come for us!

  • luna

    I don’t get it. What French law was allegedly violated? Does France have jurisdiction over the internet?

    • They must believe they do.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Ask Google. France sues and fines Google billions of Euros every year.

  • Alain

    France does not have jurisdiction in Switzerland, so unless the accused cross into France or perhaps another EU member country, it is just a lot of useless posturing by France.

    • ntt1

      now come on. at least it is some form of action, if they are forced into further action it might include moderate to full surrender.

    • Unless under EU rules they can extend a tentacle

  • Millie_Woods

    Whatever happened to the famous French liberalism? A couple of more terror attacks and they’ll be kicking down doors in the middle of the night and holding summary executions.

    • They are close to that in spirit, they sense I believe that short of civil war the problem has no solution.

      • Millie_Woods

        Agreed. Instead of fixing the problem they’re trying to cope with it. Tears will flow.

        • Jay Currie


          After perhaps… But blood first I am afraid.

    • Blacksmith

      Unless the perpetrator is a member in good standing of the religion of peace. Those they will ignore until the bodies start to pile up.

  • Why are they so adamant about this when they could be livid about – oh- people being murdered in the streets?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      That would require moral courage to face a greater threat.
      Can’t have that!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The E.U. countries are funny like that.

  • John

    Totally expected. They’ll double down on those discussing and exposing Muslim violence, but will do nothing about the perps themselves.

    A most cowardly strategy that’s bound to fail.

    Manuel Valls is looking more and more like the comedian Louis de Funes, another Frenchmen of Spanish extraction, except not as intelligent…