Spanish Border Patrol

A video appearing to show two Spanish police officers dumping an allegedly ill Moroccan woman on the ground from her wheelchair, at the Spanish border town of Beni Ansar in Melilla, appeared on social media on Wednesday. The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The old me would have felt sympathy for a refugee in a wheel chair, but the new me recognizes this as nothing more than the theatrics of a parasite that is trying to get the better of my sympathies.
    Screw her!

    • Surele Surele

      What are the chances? I am a new me, too.

  • Spatchcocked

    I had a Moroccan shopkeeper pull a knife on me in the late 60s…..I dislike all Moroccans.
    They hate us so why shouldn’t I hate them back?

  • I don’t think the lady was sick or disabled. The cop was giving her the countdown to get out of the chair and helping her to get out “…one, two, three…”, when the lady wouldn’t move she forcibly removed her.

    • Yup she was a fakir!

      • Katyn

        Lying there on the ground perfectly still after being moved from the wheel chair is a big tell. Just another faker and parasite.

      • “Uno, dos, tres…” you could clearly hear the cop in Spanish. (Sorry for another language lesson) 😉

  • Clear Thinker

    It was not her wheelchair, she was faking unconsciousness, they should go back and see if she is still there. hahahaha

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …more iSlamic Theatre of the Absurd…

  • Gary

    There is a women in my area of Toronto that rides around on an Electric powered 3-wheeled units and she stops people to ask for a loonie or toonie to get some food. She also goes into the local McDonald’s to pretend she is a dollar shy of buying a food item, this she does several times as customers rotate through this Take-out only McDonlad’s .

    Then one day I was walking home by the local Store and saw the Scooter , I looked inside the store where the women was buy cigarettes and then walked out to get back on her scooter to play the victim.
    It wasn’t illegal because people gave money freely with no product in return.

    • Is she a fat lady and her name is “Kim”? If so, then I might know her (she ripped me off for $20 bucks of weed she was pretending to sell). She’s definitely not a cripple — I found out she’s a crack addict and a prostitute, but she doesn’t get many clients for the latter service. So she rides around in a wheelchair faking victimhood, begging in front of stores. I can’t count the number of times I gave her spare change because I thought she was homeless — turns out she has a comfortable home and lives with her partner.

      • Gary

        I think that is her because it’s the Parkdale area with a drug and sex trade problem and her scooter is metallic red . She doesn’t look trashy which I’m guessing is to throw off the Police or businesses , plus she does choose the entrance ways to restaurants or McDonald’s .

        I noticed how she may cruise the area for about 2 weeks and then vanish for a month as if she has several spots to play the victim .

        One other time a young girl was asking people for change to get food, I had a food ticket from McDonlad’s to get a burger and tried to give to her, she mocked me and wanted money as she said to me ” why would I want a food coupon, I don’t need one I need money” .
        But she said she needed money for food, so I gave her a found coupon by she rejected it. Summers over and I bet she is back home in the town she came from to be inside all winter .

  • Xavier

    Taser the wheelchair.

  • Brett_McS

    Middle age people acting like children is clearly a thing in some cultures.

  • T.C.

    In spite of all the misinformation about cops theses days, they generally don’t do this kind of thing without good reason, even Spanish cops who might be a bit third-worldish. And I suppose the video was just a coincidence? Somebody with a camera just happened along and thought “why don’t I video this person being wheeled through the customs post in a wheelchair. There’s something you don’t see everyday.” /sarc

    • Spanish cops are more “third-worldish”? Honestly folks, you’ve got to get off that cultural superiority obsession — a good New Years resolution. Spanish cops are definitely more respectful than Toronto cops. It’s obvious that she wasn’t disabled — the wheelchair wasn’t her’s, it belonged to Spanish customs. They used it to wheel her out comfortably when she refused to leave on her own volition — the height of politeness!

  • Surele Surele
  • Katyn

    And I especially like the difference in texture of the ground: This side you are in Spain. This side you are in Morocco. Lady, your ass is now in Morocco. We’ll keep the wheelchair. Thanks.