Social Justice Warriors FURIOUS At The RACIST Times Square Ball

That racist Times Square Ball should know better than to mess with the delicate sensibilities of the “Black Lives Matter” folks.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Fancy three dimensional geometric objects be racist.

    • Alain

      And the nerve to tweet that balllivesmatter.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Gotta shut down the NBA now.

  • Alain

    Like their fellow-travellers the Muslims, they are always in perpetual rage.

  • Katyn

    And yet the article features a 1970’s photo of the ball being set up to drop with a bunch of white blue collar guys standing around, secure in their trades of electrical and mechanical systems to know it’s just plain going to work, no worries; like a woman is going to do all this work we’re just doing for kicks. And yeah I’ll smoke a pipe if I feel like it because who are you to tell me not to? I fought the North Koeans hand to hand in blizzard weather. We stacked stacked their frozen bodies for cover. F. U.

    Life was good then.

  • pdxnag

    What qualifies as beyond Jumping The Shark?

    Would they be offended by an amendment to their name to conform to the facts?

  • V10_Rob

    Shout out to my plumber homies

  • DMB

    I find the idea of “dropping the ball” on New Years Eve in Times Square New York a bizarre thing to do. The expression to “drop the ball” means to make a mistake or to do something stupid. It comes from the game of football where it is not good to drop the ball mainly when it is in play.

    But then again it does explain a lot of how and why CNN covers their New Years Eve celebrations with the two buffoons that host the show Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.