Russia intensifies crackdown on new media

From Mashable:

Russia sentences blogger to 5 years in Siberian prison as Internet crackdown intensifies

The unusually harsh decision against Vadim Tyumentsev, which also bans him from publishing any content online for three years after his sentence ends, is the latest evidence that the Russian government appears set to intensify its crackdown on dissenters online and that it is willing to dole out real prison terms to keep them quiet.

Kevin Rothrock, a Russian policy analyst and editor-in-chief of RuNet Echo, which covers all things related to the Russian Internet, told Mashable that Russia’s restrictive measures are “still accumulating and the enforcers will have to keep looking busy, so 2016 promises to be worse, at least superficially,” for the country’s users. More.

Reality check: Interferng with the state monopoly on manufactured news is becoming a crime. Any guesses as to how well the crackdown will really work?

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  • I wonder what Justin’s advisers have in mind?

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