Police firearms officers trained by SAS to shoot terrorists in the head

Police firearms officers have been trained by the SAS to shoot terrorists in the head amid the growing threat from Islamist fanatics.

Police chiefs insist there is no “shoot to kill” policy within British policing but accept that such actions are likely to “prove fatal”.

Armed officers have been working alongside special forces to ensure they can best tackle a marauding gun and bomb attack like the ones witness in Paris and Mumbai.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    British police have guns?

    • Xavier

      A few special units, yes.

      • It is a limited few.

        Bad news in the event of a Paris style attack.

      • Alain

        They are the Armed Response Teams. Shoot to kill is the only way to deal with terrorists.

        • tom_billesley

          Taser is not recommended for someone with an explosive vest.

  • Maurice Miner

    So, instead of Guy Fawkes V-masks, we will have a whole lot of Darth Vaders with Kevlar headpieces – great…

  • tom_billesley

    The officers in the picture are next to St. Pancras International, the London terminus of the Eurostar train service.

    • Brett_McS

      Looks a bit drizzly.

  • Brett_McS

    I thought the main reason not to aim for the head is the greater chance of hitting non-targets behind the real target. Hence the ‘aim for the centre of mass’ idea.

  • Ed

    They won’t hit much there…

  • Dave In Guelph

    Just like in the “Walking Dead” I wonder if hunting knives, machetes or Samurai swords are optional?

    • bob e

      the real walking dead are altogether a different kettle
      of killing. us marine b 1/9 .. vietnam

  • SDMatt

    Aim for the head? What is this, Hollywood?

    Grease the ammo with pig fat and let the wider Mohamadan population know it. Then pump copious amounts into bearded and hijabed torsos when required.

  • Millie_Woods

    After fourty years of mass immigration and multiculturalism, bobbies need to be trained by ‘special forces’ to shoot people in the head. It will only get worse. Nice going Government!

    • John

      I remember a time when London’s Bobbies carried no fire arms at all. Prior to mass immigration it was the norm.

  • lolwut?

    Good way to miss and possibly hit an innocent person.

    • canminuteman

      The reason is to make sure you kill the person you are shooting at before they have the chance to self detonate. And with the training and guns they have it shouldn’t be too hard. They are not using pistols.

      • Blacksmith

        My thought as well.

      • lolwut?

        Heads and legs are a smaller target and moving faster then the larger center mass.

        Rifle or not, that’s not an easy target regardless of training.

        There are even videos online showing trained marksmen having
        trouble doing it when the target is moving randomly.

        Real life isn’t Hollywood.