How Black Lives Really Matter

It seems that almost weekly we are confronted with another report of a black man gunned down by police, whether recent or held back for over a year for political reasons. This young person becomes a new martyr for the #blacklivesmatter movement, the victim of a racist system in which the white majority are, on some level or other, culpable. And out of this explanation of the violence comes not a single positive message towards improvement or workable solution. Nor is the fact that the majority of young black men are killed by other young black men addressed — it may be time for #blacklivesmatter to do some soul-searching and look inward.

  • Alain

    Black men who do not behave as thugs and criminals do not get gunned down by police, however they are very likely to be gunned down by black thugs and criminals.

  • Shebel

    Al Sharpton–Black Lives Matter and ISIS have the same Evil goal.
    One to start a RACE War and the other to start a RELIGIOUS War.
    One wants to Kill WHITE people and the other wants to Kill just about Everybody.

    You BOTH have NO Honour or Scruples. You are just simply EVIL.

    Nothing BETTER than the death of a Child to salivate over .

    • JoKeR

      Our pal Al…..

  • UCSPanther

    Race Hustler: A type of societal parasite that feeds off of racial tensions. Generally, they are a type of bigot that has figured out how to hide its racism behind a facade of respectability, and at the same time, makes money off of predatory lawsuits, extortion, handouts, etc generally by either inflaming or creating racial tensions. These foul creatures thrive in environments with rampant victim mentality and identity politics.

    Sharpie is an excellent specimen of such a foul creature.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    What a dreadful little turd

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I canst notts reads the prompter tele.

  • ntt1

    we have the identical situation in Canada the ever restless natives are convinced white men are stalking and murdering their young women despite the RCMP having the same murder clearance rate of about 80% as all other Canadians and those statistics indicate other “known” natives and family are for the most part responsible where convictions are proven.. No the indians are insisting on a full inquiry with beaucoup drumming ,toothless meandering oral “histories”, fun appropriated southern plains indian head dresses and that plaque of any gathering these days; the dreaded eagle dance all drenched in imported sweetgrass smudges.. Our Child-Like- Emperor has granted them their wish, all that’s left is to raid the taxpayer for generous funding to support this cultural richness as once more, all white guys are pilloried on their own dime.