From Salvo: ISIS as a religion for criminals

Here, by Robin Phillips:

The typical Westerner who joins ISIS is not a religious zealot who has turned to crime, but a petty criminal who has turned to superficial religion. A leaked MI5 report on the profile of British jihadists noted that, “far from being religious zealots, a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practice their faith regularly.”3 Why would someone who is not serious about his religion want to kill for it, let alone die for it? The answer is that ISIS terrorists are not killing and dying for religion but for themselves. ISIS offers malcontents the chance to channel their pathologies into a cause that appears unselfish and constructive, just as it appears to offer confused girls an escape from the perplexities of modern life. As Hannan explains, when discussing males who join ISIS,

. . . one observation made by almost all the experts who have studied Western-born Islamic militants is that they fit the classic profile of the terrorist down the ages: male, typically in their twenties or early thirties, with some education, narcissistic, lacking in empathy, lonely, unsuccessful with women, often with a history of petty crime.

What makes a terrorist different from other bellicose young men is that he has found a cause that validates his anti-social tendencies—a doctrine that teaches him that he is angry, not because there’s something wrong with him, but because there’s something wrong with everyone else.4

  • Valid points but Islam is what it is.


      Certainly, It is, what it is. The religion it is not, however. Jizzlam is a system
      of mass control, based in totalitarian ideology, meant to rule its followers in every, most minute aspect of their lives and also teaching them to diligently convert infidel dogs kefirs by the blade of scimitar.
      It was concocted by a certain delusional illiterate goat husbandry aficionado,
      certified pedophile, and most hateful, genocidal maniac, possibly worse than Genghis Khan, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse Dung & Pol Pot >
      > C O M B I N E D !!!


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  • ismiselemeas

    Great, that explains 0.01% of all ISIS jizzhadis. Now to analyze the other 99.99%. I have a couple of questions though. When he says “Western” does he mean “Euro Western” or “Anybody born in the West” and how come islam seems to be the receiving vessel when superficial religiosity can be achieved in any religion?

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      • Thanks FB. Actually I can read even smaller fonts without a problem — it seems to be size combined with all italics. It’s just not a good style for readability. I used to run a print shop, you’Il never find a font like that in the printing industry for long passages, which Denyse often quotes. Trying on the eyes, especially if you’re a careful reader who likes to analyze material closely.

        • FIREBRED

          Definitely, I agree the italics are far more difficult to read; generally
          the roman typefaces are way better, especially the ones with serifs. Sans serifs, such as Gothics are, while they can deliver high impact boost to the headlines, are not that great to read in long passages either.
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          Happy New Year to you & your loved ones, Ricardo!
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  • Brett_McS

    Here, I’ll put in a suitable cartoon to illustrate this post, from an article discussing an actual case in Australia (Leb Muslims; the worst and dumbest):

    • Rosenmops

      Isn’t diversity great?

      • FIREBRED

        It’s simply fabulous.

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          • FIREBRED

            Flagged! Get lost trollop!

  • ntt1

    I agree with the points made but it brings to mind the explosion im islam within the prison system. it makes sense if it appeals to sociopaths and criminals

  • Exile1981

    When the “ideal” man of the religion is a rapest, pedophile, murrder, thief, brigand, lier, with violentvtendencies it’s only natural that it would attract people trying to justify those same triats in themselves.

  • johnny rogers

    Martyrdom for a Christian meant to be eaten by lions in the amphitheater, martyrdom for a Muslim is to die with the sword in hand to go to paradise like the Vikings(although it could be a viking myth), so it’s not the same,it can’t be the same.