Canada’s Spy Agency Disputes Idea That Personality and Terrorism Aren’t Linked

It’s an accepted truth among terrorism experts that someone’s personality does not indicate whether they will become a terrorist

“As of now, there is no specific terrorist profile,” Jocelyn Bélanger, a professor at the Université du Quebec à Montreal who specializes in radicalization, told the Homeland Security News Wire earlier this year. “They come in all shapes and sizes.”

But a new report by Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), challenges that assumption, and argues that a common link between personality and terrorism “remains possible.”


The report may be read at the link below.

Personality Traits and Terrorism

  • ontario john

    I’m sure bringing in 25 thousand muslims from the Middle East will not be a problem. This is “Happy Ways” Canada.

    • Sunny ways!

    • By the way, it’s now Jan. 1, 2016 — Truedope’s self-imposed deadline has already passed. Okay, so he couldn’t bring in 25,000 so he reduced it to 10,000. But he didn’t bring in 10,000 either, last I heard it was about nine hundred — 900 (who were mostly refugees already in the system under Harper). So maybe since then he’s brought in another 1,000 or so, for a total of 2,000 by the deadline (I actually predicted only 2,000).

      What’s infuriating is Truedope may have won the election based on his fake unworkable promise, motivated by a fake story about how a Syrian child ended up dead on a beach. Above all, motivated by his “holier than thou” braggadocio.

      • ontario john

        They had to scale back, the line ups by muslims at Canadian Tire for guns and knives were getting too long.

        • Ha! And no problem buying guns since JT has already publically declared them “Canadians”.

        • winniec

          No joke, John. Lots of Muslims are going to rifle ranges in Ontario!

      • winniec

        Truedope and his Fiberals are a glib bunch of flakes with absolutely no knowledge of political Islam…and they pretend to be experts who understand Islam better than those of us who have done considerable reading on the subject. They’re doped up radical relativists who believe all philosophies are the same, all religions are alike and all cultures are equal. Their philosophy of indifferentism is based on intellectual sloth of the most profound kind. They will quickly convince Canadians they are unfit to steer the ship of state.

  • Gary

    Lets work backwards to help the Politicians .
    Is there any terrorist praising god in Arabic while citing muhammed and cursing the Indfidels and the jews that hasn’t read the quran or had gone to a mosque.

    Sheema Khan from CAIR managed to get islamist radicals into the RCMP, CSIS, Military, Toronto Police and the Liberal party to the point where Khan’s Saudi masters control; the Narrative in the Media.
    The RCMP is forced to start off any Terrorism investigation with the premiss that Islam is a Religion Of Peace . This means that there can NOT be any Muslims tied to doing acts of Jihad or terrorism , so from there they look for a motive not liked to islam on top of denying the Terrorist is a muslim.

    That was why the Toronto Police Chief Blair ( now in the Federal Liberal that deny islam is tied to terrorism) held his Press Release and Public announcement in an islamic Centre surrounded by muslims after the arrests of the Toronto-18 young muslim males to assure us People that isalm and being a Muslims had NOTHING to do with the Terrorism.
    Remember, it was CSIS and the RCMP that was in charge of the Arrests while the mosque and Imam tied to the terrorism plot were in the Liberal MP seat of Erin Mills in Mississauga .
    Blair was a puppet of the Saudi’s to make sure islam had no ties to the muslim terrorists from the Mississauga mosque also tied to CAIR and ISNA that are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and funding Hamas.
    With Justin now in Charge of the RCMP while Wynne runs the OPP and the Human Rights Commissions run the Toronto Police……radical muslims will keep pouting in to Canada because any quran inspired jihad terrorism will NOT be linked to islam .

    The quran inspired mass slaughter Plots will only become more frequent which means a higher chance for the fruition by quran reading muslims that have NOTHING to do with islam.
    Justin wants us to get used to it because he is bent on Diversity and Peace even it it kills us.

    • They are liars, incompetent liars.

      • lolwut?

        Look at the name of the CSIS spokeperson.

        That’s a Muslim name, it means someone who interprets the Quran and Sharia law.

  • CSIS is desperately trying to hang on to the NDP claim that “terrorism is caused by mental illness”. Recommended reading: “Alone With the Devil”, by Ronald Markham and Dominick Bosco,*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Markham is a forensic psychiatrist who demonstrates that there is a clear difference between a psycho/sociopath and someone who commits a “crime of passion” — the former is not mentally ill, the latter is.

    Terrorists are motivated by ideology — personality disorders are irrelevant. Terrorism is a method — a hybrid of urban guerrilla warfare that specifically targets civilians to produce a political result. And even if personality is in fact relevant, it’s secondary — the following criteria are too subjective:
    “These so-called “behavioral indicators” range from sudden intolerant religious views, a rejection of Western values such as democracy and equality, and an obsession with the end-times and jihadi sites.”

    What is a “sudden intolerant religious view”? If you ask Justin Trudeau it’s anyone who supports pro-Life or opposes Gay marriage. What is “an obsession with the end-times”? Lots of theologians dedicate their lives to studying Eschatology. What is a rejection of “democracy and equality”? For the NDP it’s anyone who rejects Marxist Socialism. And lots of people visit “jihadi sites” to see what these buggers are up to.

  • moraywatson

    14 pages into the “new report” and I found not a single use of the words “islam” or “muslim”. How do you profile for terrorists if you refuse to consider the common ideology that motivates them? If I was profiling for “fish”, I would start by looking for them in the water they inhabit as their common milieu.

    • ontario john

      Sort of like nazi atrocities have nothing to do with nazism.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It was the black S.S. uniforms!

    • Alain

      I know and the only valid link is the link between terrorist and Islam.

  • pdxnag

    Anyone who must stop everything they are doing five times a day to vigorously curse non-Muslims, sometimes among a mob of others doing the same, develops Tourette’s syndrome style utterances of hate and calls for immediate violence. They bark it out every day, like on cue, as if it is a point of pride.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      How come there’s no nice Tourette’s?
      Fuck that’s a nice dress.
      You smell like marshmallows.

      • pdxnag

        I blame the Internet. it brings out people’s darker side.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          New Year’s resolution.
          There is no just kidding.
          And say something nicer when I can.

  • ntt1

    As Trump suggests, limit muslim immigration until there is a sound process for weeding out the jihadis. I think the easiest method is to ban all followers of the koran and shariah.

    • Physics grad

      Limit Muslim immigration to zero until all muslims are exterminated.

    • Alain

      Muslim immigration should be stopped until one can cite a single country where Muslims are capable of living peacefully with non Muslims.

  • lolwut?

    Nobody noticed the name of the CSIS spokesperson?

    “Tahera Mufti”

    Google the last name and this is what you get.

  • winniec

    Commonality among Muslim terrorists? Attending the mosque, Koran, Sira, hadiths, videos of ISIS, sermons of radical preachers, books of Syed Qutb, Sharia law manuals, fatwas about jihad. Other than those…they’re just regular fellows.