2016 will be a vintage year for tech billionaires and jihadis

Radical Islam has caught on to the fact that political correctness shackles western military might, and will play it to the hilt in the future. Time is on Islam’s side. We will continue to curb freedom of speech, even after Barack Obama is out of office. It is a mistake of historic proportions. The idea that the link between Islam and terror cannot be admitted is as outrageous as the claim that Islam does not preach violence against infidels. Days after the California massacre by an Islamic couple, Donald Trump was warned by the US attorney general that the First Amendment does not protect actions predicated on violent talk. In other words, if you tell the truth about Islam we just might throw you in the pokey.


  • bob e

    mebbe’ things will change .. if not, then it’s the end. we are

    • mariannerchapman

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  • simus1

    It very interesting how The Former Party Of Slavery minions like Emperor Barry’s newly appointed AG POS react so forcefully to anybody who challenges the long ensconced rulers/leaders at The Party Of Sellouts, formerly known as The Party Of Anti-Slavery.
    Verrry innnterresting.

    Candidate Trump would be well advised to keep current with the latest in bulletproof fashions and try to mitigate other hazards with the most expert help available.