Who Are The Ex-Muslims?

A crowd of about 100 people of mixed gender, age and ethnicity gradually filled the space to celebrate the end of 2015. Everybody seemed to be in a joyful spirit despite a tough year for the members of the Council of the Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) and many of the ex-Muslims worldwide. I was told that Richard Dawkins may be joining them as he has done so in the previous years, always bringing a message of hope and encouragement to the Council’s members who are fighting on multiple fronts. But this year Mr Dawkins’ trip to Stockholm prevented him from attending. As the speakers were lining up to deliver their talks and report on their various activities throughout the year, Dawkins’ text message arrived and was read to everyone by the MC of the evening, an Iranian born ex-Muslim who has been with the Council since its humble beginnings about eight years ago. Professor AC Grayling, another moral supporter and intellectual patron of the Council, whose books have been inspirational to many of the members gave the opening speech. He acknowledged the Council’s efforts in 2015 for spreading the message, the hardship they had to endure, not just in England but worldwide as new Councils have opened up in other countries in the face of fierce opposition and threats.

  • T.C.

    Have yet to see a mooselimb country that tries any other political system – with the obvious exception of islam – other than some iteration of socialism. No democracies, no republics, no constitutional monarchy with the exception of maybe Jordan ( and that will never last if the king goes). I have a feeling that this whole group of CEMBers are nothing more than progs that feel the need to express their loyalty to socialist principles by denouncing their religion. And they get to attend cheer-leading events with the chief prog and carny barker himself! But then the only way to sell one’s books and keep up the revenue stream is to continuously cultivate a credulous audience. When the home market is tapped-out, go for the totalitarians from different religions and cultures! Turn them into your kind of totalitarian!

    • Whatever their intent it is likely they hold little sway within the Ummah.

  • dagawker

    Off topic,but here are some muslims who are ex-workers at a Cargill plant. 🙂


  • luna

    The way I see it we are in the midst of an ideological war. Apostates are useful if they can (a) make apostasy more socially acceptable (ie. focusing negative attention on Islam’s view of apostates), but ultimately (b) encouraging more Muslims to abandon their “religion”.

    As long as Muslims live under sharia, they are unlikely to abandon their faith publicly even if they aren’t killed for it, merely because doing so would make them a second class citizen.

    So ideally (I’m an optimist) the apostates can and should also draw attention to inequality under sharia.