Two Muslims sentenced to death for butchering atheist blogger in Bangladesh

Two students have been sentenced to death in Bangladesh for the killing of an atheist blogger there in 2013.

Six others were convicted of involvement in the murder of Ahmed Rajib Haider, who was hacked to death as he was returning home from a rally in the capital, Dhaka.

A five-year sentence was given to the head of Ansarullah Bangla, the group suspected of carrying out the attack.

Five more secular bloggers and writers were killed in Bangladesh in 2015.

The court said that one of the students sentenced to death, Faisal bin Nayeem, attacked Haider with a meat cleaver in front of the victim’s house.

  • ontario john

    Coming to a Canadian city near you. Oops, will I get in trouble with Wynne’s new gestapo agency for saying that?

  • ntt1

    doubt they will see a day of jail time, let alone death penalty.its an islamic state , that kind of action is perfectly legal under shariah.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Should that death penalty be carried out, George Harrison will finally rest easy.