Now student who wanted statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from Oxford college calls for French flags to be taken down because they’re a ‘violent symbol’ like the Nazi swastika

Just send him back.

h/t ZD

  • Xavier

    Hey, remember when they sent that chimpanzee into orbit to make sure it was safe for humans?

    No reason – just thinking out loud.

  • Maggat

    The obvious answer is to remove this asshole.

    • Observer

      I am sure he would be much happier being back home in South Africa than in the oppressive UK, so to ensure his happiness, deport him.

  • DD_Austin

    Add “Rhodes scholar” to the growing list of dishonoured honours

    Prime Minister of Canada
    Member of parliament
    Police chief
    Sir – Knighthood
    Order of Canada
    Professor of any university
    Nobel prize
    Rhodes scholar

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Make him give back his Rhodes scholarship.