Iranian Cleric: I Converted Hitler’s Grandson to Islam

An Iranian cleric recently claimed in a sermon that he is responsible for converting Hitler’s grandson to Islam.

The cleric, a leading imam in Mahmoud Abad, a small city in northern Iran, claimed in his most recent Friday prayer address the he is responsible for converting Hitler’s grandson, who he did not mention by name.

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  • Frances

    Hitler fathered children?

    • In Islam anything is possible!

    • Brett_McS

      All it takes is one ball.

      • Exile1981

        technically he had two balls; one just never dropped into his sack at birth. Later in life as the tube it was in started to shrivel up and the testicle swelled during puberty it would have been like that undropped ball was being squeezed all the time. By the time he was furrer he would have been in constant pain.

        • Brett_McS

          According to Ian Fleming in a James Bond novel set in Japan (You only live twice) the Ninjas were trained (presumably from youth) to be able to retract this part of the male anatomy in order to be less vulnerable during fights. Handy trick.

          • Exile1981

            There is an ancient chinese technique similar to that.

  • Frances

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Cat.

  • Happy New Year everybody!

  • Waffle

    Muslim mendacity knows no bounds. They figure that unbelievers are so ignorant we will believe anything. To some extent they are right — look who we voted for.

    • Happy New Year, Waffle!

      p.s. where’s my stock options! 😉

      • Waffle

        Happy new year to you!! Will send email soon — got distracted.

        • Thanks (kidding). Partly kidding — I think Justin is going to kill the TFSA in the New Year, he’s going after all us “millionaires” (I actually live below the poverty line). But our Great Leader knows better and I don’t want to give him the opportunity to steal anything. Worse comes to worse I’ll stick my thirty-four dollars and fifty-seven cents in the mattress. 😉

          • Waffle

            Good plan — I started to do that a few months ago. My radar has been getting particularly active recently.

          • Exile1981

            I’ve been hit with 4 audits in the last year… each for a previous tax year. 4 other guys who do what I do in the patch have also recieved multiple audits.
            For the record the CRA keeps claiming each of mine was caused by a random selection by the computer.

  • Spatchcocked

    Hemingway referred to Gertrude Stein as being a clear cut case of undescended testicles…

    Physical fear makes men’s f,,,,img tackle shrivel up….I know mine do…..being around bossy bulldykes does it as well…and coppers….especially big bossy dyke RCMP.
    Don’t laff…they exist and they are terrifying to behold…the butch do ….the big lard ass…the vast merkin lurking under the yellow stripes…all that leather gear and the paraphernalia….gun mace cuffs baton etc etc…

    Christ……I’m going to walk with a limp the rest of the day.