In Facing Jihad, ‘Politically Correct War’ Is a Losing War

Terror groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda and others know their adversaries fight based on the idea that the rule of law is what separates the civilized world from the barbarians. They have shrewdly and callously exploited civilized rules of warfare to their advantage.


I have long maintained that all the Muslim terror states need to be taken out in one fell swoop. No silly rules of engagement. No quarter.

  • Xavier

    We have civilized war to the point it is unwinnable.

  • Martin B

    If previous generations had been this dainty about civilized warfare, we would all be in gas chambers & crematoriums, or speaking Japanese & bowing to the Emperor.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Geneva Conventions are of, by and for losers.

  • Reader

    While it was written as satire, I do think it is worth revisiting this song.

  • Hard Little Machine

    But of course that will never happen. Even if a terrorist nuke went off in front of the White House, the US response would be hemming and hawing with no real resolution. That’s why this whole war on terror thing is complete nonsense. All it leads to is sound bytes and sweet sounding words about American values that no one supports. We may as well brace ourselves for the inevitable lost US city from nuclear attack. It’s coming, no one really wants to stop it let along take any rational steps fight back once it happens.

    • tom_billesley

      War on Terror phooey.
      It’s War with Islam, and they declared it nearly 14 centuries ago.