Have a donut…

WATCH: sneaky raccoon steals donut in Toronto coffee shop

h/t MP

  • This has to be Toronto. Raccoons are a protected endangered species — they’re the equivalent of the majestic Bald Eagle or the California Condor.

    • Plausible but I don’t think so.

    • You are correct it is Toronto!

      • The giggling of the onlookers gave it away — nobody tried to shew away the rodent, allowing it to contaminate the food.

      • canminuteman

        Do you have any information about where exactly? I’ve looked and can’t find.

        • I’d like to know too — I’ll definitely never buy doughnuts in that dump.

  • seaoh

    Raccons are just rats with good PR.

    • Dana Garcia

      Raccoons are arguably cute; rats are just repulsive. Big difference.

      Still, keep outa my food, bub.

      • lolwut?

        But at least Racoons wash their hands first ūüėČ


      • Xavier

        They are cute and I find shooting them distasteful – but it has to be done. They are vermin and spread disease. The house 3 doors down from us was made uninhabitable after they moved into the attic. I tried to clean it out – horrible.

        Kill them all.

        PS – But, if not for raccoons I would not have El Cato. I baited a box trap with cat food – and caught a starved cat! I express my thanks by killing them quickly.

    • Waffle

      They’re not rats and they make lovely, warm coats.

    • Good for coonskin caps. Davy Crockett:

  • ntt1

    I wonder how much damage that critter made as he tunneled his way into donut heaven? They routinely destroy shake roofs locally and set up housekeeping in the attics wrecking wiring ,sheetrock ceilings and fouling the insulation. yes they are incredibly cute but they react like a tasmanian devil when cornered.

  • Waffle

    I have a lot of ‘coon tales to share, but my favourite is the one about the family I met when I first moved to Vancouver. I visited Stanley Park (of course) where mamma had taught her young family to beg for food which usually consisted of popcorn and candy. When she shamelessly waddled up to me with paw outstretched, I gave her a nibble (I forget, but it may have been a few nuts) and unthinking, I reached out to pet her. Big mistake. Mamma bared her teeth and I narrowly missed being swiped by her razor-sharp claws.

    But I still say they make lovely, warm coats.

  • moraywatson

    Who was that masked man?!
    I presume that by now one of those red “HEALTH FAIL” signs is on the door of this joint?