The cultural winner is… Planned Parenthood’s truth vids

From Brent Bozell at Townhall (who should know better):

In a look back at the cultural winners and losers of the year, a big loser has to be Planned Parenthood, no matter how energetically the left in this country tries to paper over this organization’s ghoulish profiteering. Conversely, a big winner has to be the Center for Medical Progress, which released the 10 shocking videotapes that very effectively exposed the Gosnellian acquiescence at the highest levels of the abortion conglomerate.

Funny. I keep hearing Christians tsk tsking about how the Center had to go undercover to do it. The way people did who saved Jews from the Nazis.

And dammit, PP forced Christians to work harder to think up reasons for voting for abortion-friendly governments. Remember, Obama, the only Illinois legislator who would not sign a born-alive infants protection act, was elected Prez twice in a reputedly Christian country. Things are no better in Canada, where no Liberal could be pro-life—and they were just elected with a big majority. Onward euthanasia!

Planned Parenthood actually won the culture war because it is now clear that North Americans have chosen to accept dismembering live babies to sell their organs.

Most nominal Christians are looking for a way to sell out piously and safely, possibly sensing that  they will also capitulate further down the road, when something comes up that they do care enough about. But with luck, they won’t be Christians any more, just people who can hum hymn tunes. Their children, from what I can see, mostly won’t even do that.

The Christians who ended the slave trade in early 19th century Britain were not like this, but that was a long time ago and far away, and everyone now thinks of them as the bad, uptight Victorians.

Also from Bozell:

Loser: ABC’s “Scandal,” for outrageously having their heroine get an abortion to the strains of “Silent Night” and then smile about it at the episode’s end to the strains of “Ave Maria.” There are no limits to Disney’s bigotry against Christians. More.

Reality check: Christians are the bulk of Disney’s business, probably. It helps to let them know that they don’t matter, because they don’t. They are just extractible natural resources for the business.

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  • They did a public service.

  • simus1

    When you compare our high to low status “Go Along. Get Along.” spineless morally bankrupt Christians still attending church as leaders or followers to Marx Christians, Rice Christians, and Cult Christians there is very little to recommend them over the others.

  • Gary

    Blacks gave Obama their votes too while the highest % of abortion for any groups happen to black babies .

    It’s so odd that when a big Cigarette Company ran there ads on a few Billboards in a Black community we saw the slime ball weasel Al Sharpton cried racism that Blacks were targeted for a product that may kill the majority of consumers at a lower age from cancer and heart problem
    Yet big AL is sure quiet when Black women are being coached to kill their babies at a higher rate the White women or any shade of Brown females .

  • … as they floss bits of babies out of their teeth….