Stars fall, and MN paper permits op-ed asking for honesty on immigration

As opposed to moral grandstanding from the inhabitants of gated communities (gated by high price or security)?

From Star-Tribune:

On what seems like a daily basis, Minnesotans are lectured against the evils of “Islamophobia.” In October, Gov. Mark Dayton weirdly instructed “white, B-plus, Minnesota-born citizens” to suppress their qualms about immigrant resettlement in Minnesota, according to the St. Cloud Times. If they can’t, they should “find another state,” he added.

Since the early 1990s, Minnesota has been flooded by waves of Somali Muslim refugees and immigrants. The number remains in doubt; official sources place it at something like 35,000. Unofficial estimates put it at more than 100,000. Whatever the number, it is large and growing.

Politicians like Dayton have proved highly effective in inhibiting public discussion of legitimate concerns about Minnesota’s Somali community. When I recently sat down to interview Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, he bristled when I asked him about security issues related to the community. Why was I doing that? I referred to the congressional task force report recognizing Minnesota’s responsibility for 26 percent of the American fighters joining or seeking to join the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). “I just came from an FBI briefing this morning,” Stanek said. “They told me we’re 20 percent.”

OK, but that still leaves Minnesota at No. 1 in a ranking where we would like to be No. 50.

Ten Minnesota Somalis have now been charged by Luger’s office with seeking to join or support ISIL. Three have pleaded guilty. The charges represent the culmination of a 10-month FBI investigation.


Reality check: Nice work for the guv and the top cop! Tell everyone who is worried about obvious security lapses to just leave the state. But hey, Minnesotans VOTED for it. And probably engulf their neighbours with pious platitudes advertising their righteousness about it all. And, for all I know, weep at funerals and wave placards saying “No More Violence!” or I AM [insert latest the victim’ name here].

Tens of millions of human beings live with Islamic State violence today who would have voted against it. Spare a thought for them well ahead of the Minnesotans who have the power of recall or firing but probably prefer emitting gas, or silence if they are more polite. Like many Canadians.

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  • Like Kathleen Wynne labeling Ontarians Racist Homophobes.

    • Exile1981

      Electroshock colars hooked up to lie detectors for every politician. That way everytime they lie to the public the public will see them scream in pain and know they are liying.

      • Xavier

        24/7 screaming? I don’t know if I can take it.

        • Exile1981

          Good point. How about we have increase the shock each time they lie… eventually they will either stop lying or stop breathing.

          • Xavier

            Well we could embed a taser in their brains…

  • Goldcoaster

    This is a PERFECT example of why people are supporting Trump. I just sent an article explaining it from Canada Free Press.

    Why? because government is NOT ADDRESSING OUR CONCERNS.
    Not only that, but they MOCK OUR CONCERNS

  • Rosenmops

    Somalis cause a lot of problems where ever they go. There are Somali gangs in Surrey now, so it is right across the country. But it is all our fault for not providing better services for them according to CBC.

    Even the CBC commentators aren’t buying it.