Scottish BDSHole Jailed For Acid Attack At Israeli-Owned Stall

A pro-Palestinian activist who carried out an acid attack against an Israeli-owned stall in Scotland has been sentenced to a year in jail.

Scott Harrison threw the noxious liquid at (an 18-year-old) woman who was manning a stall in Glasgow owned by the Israeli cosmetics firm Kedem, which activists from the anti-Israel BDS movement have been targeting in a boycott campaign.

His lawyers are filing an appeal against the 12-month sentence for assault to injury, which was handed down by a Scottish court earlier this week. He is currently being held in custody pending the results of his appeal.

Harrison’s 18-year-old victim, Greek-born Iona Georgianna, told the Scottish Sun shortly after the attack on October 25, 2014, how she felt her face “melting.”

“I was working and then I felt liquid on my head,” she said, describing the terrifying attack. “It started to burn. It felt like my face was melting. I was screaming. I couldn’t feel my lips and my vision was blurred for two or three minutes.”

Twelve months!?! What do you have to do to get a real sentence, skip out on your BBC license fee?

  • tamale

    a fraudulent sentence for a fraudster. BDS is a fraud. Since his actions had very real consequences, she should go after him with civil lawsuits.

    • Frances

      As in pay for all necessary plastic surgery, plus lost wages, etc., etc., etc. Pity she couldn’t sue him in a sympathetic court in an American red state.

    • I hope she does.

  • Martin B

    Love and peace and throwing acid at Jews. That sums up BDS perfectly.

    • V10_Rob

      Make the BDShitheads wear this.

  • AlanUK

    “What do you have to do to get a real sentence, skip out on your BBC license fee?”
    Heard in a Magistrates Court – Maximum fine for evasion is £1000 but is rarely given – Average fine (including costs) in England is £153. i.e. just over the annual licence fee of £145.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She’ll be out in 6 and working for George Galloway.