Portraying politicians’ children as monkeys?


Cruz’s daughters, Catherine and Caroline are 4 and 7 years-old!

Of course. If the cartoonist is a member of the elite (Pulitzer Ann Telnaes) and the politician represents the dying middle and working classes (Ted Cruz), it is one privilege of her noble status.

As I noted elsewhere,

MSM cartoonist Ann Telnaes has been taking some heat for honestly expressing the widespread elite view that the kids of anyone who opposes the progressive agenda (in this case Canadian-born US politician Ted Cruz) must be like monkeys.

The usual disgusting round of “apologies” (snicker, snicker) have followed from the Washington Post, whose Top People may well think that the kids ought to have been portrayed as vermin instead.

Reality check: In such cases, the “apology” is in reality a graver offense than the insult. The offerer is not sorry for anything except that political correctness has not progressed to the point where Cruz’s kids can could safely be portrayed as vermin, but opponents’ children as poster kids or else not at all.

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  • mauser 98

    Cruz started this with a Hillary attack ad which included his children
    Cruz then responded to monkey cartoon


  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    mauser@98, newspapers are equivalent to children? Hmmm.

  • canminuteman

    The people who are prepared to behave like this in “retail politics” are the same as the people who are prepared to use humans as landfill to get what they want. Always bear in mind that these people are the same as the people of times fast who will kill you to get what they want. It has happened to us in the past and it happens all over the world all the time. We are not immune.

    • David

      Propaganda or agitation or participation in an organization or cooperation with organizations having the effect … of helping in the slightest way that part of the international bourgeoisie which does not recognize the equal rights of the C(sic)ommunist system coming to take the place of capitalism, and which is endeavouring to overthrow it by force, whether by intervention or blockade or by espionage or by financing of the press or by any other means – is punishable by death or imprisonment.

      v lenin

  • roccolore

    Just imagine had it been Obama’s daughters.

    • TerryA

      You sure they’re his?

    • luna

      The media wouldn’t dare depict Obama’s children as monkeys.

    • Gary

      Why Imagine , here’s my edit to make a point about Liberals.

  • Exile1981

    Obama ised his kids as props all the time but the media spazzed anytime anyone even questioned the tactic or suggested it made them fair game.

  • occupant 9

    Never forget that being a Liberal means always having a “noble” justification for whatever they might do, because.