New Year’s Eve: All leave cancelled for armed police in London due to Muslim terror threat

Every firearms officer in the capital will be on duty to protect the New Year celebrations in an unprecedented security operation, the Telegraph can disclose, as revellers are urged to carry on as normal.

Scotland Yard cancelled all New Year leave for more than 2,000 armed officers – the first time it has taken such a step – as part of the largest-ever police mobilisation for December 31 festivities.

It comes after a “friendly” intelligence agency warned Islamist fanatics may be planning a terror attack in a European city – although there is no specific information to suggest London will be targeted.

  • tom_billesley

    The only part of the UK that has armed police is Northern Ireland, where about 7000 police routinely carry guns. There are fewer authorised firearms officers (AFOs) in the whole of the rest of the UK than in Northern Ireland. The 2000 mobilised in London are about a third of AFOs. Many are already committed to diplomatic protection and airports, so you can guess how good the cover is for other British cities, They’re relying on jihadis choosing London as having the most media impact.

  • Millie_Woods

    Remember when all you had to worry about on New Year’s Eve was how long you’d have to wait for a cab?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I always had to work New Year’s Eve.
      And New Year’s Day, too.

      • Millie_Woods

        Bummer. It’s not really that important of a holiday anyway. Somewhere between Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

    • mauser 98

      New Years Eve : amateur night

  • Frances

    “All leave cancelled” – does that include the Muslim component of the force?

  • bob e

    the only thing i was worried about on new years eve was scoring ..

  • Gary

    Get used to this because banning muslims is out of the question . The will keep growing in number until they dominate and turn the UK into just another islam hell-hole .

  • bargogx1

    OMG, that is just so totally “Islamophobic”!

  • Canadian

    The hell with them. They brought it unto themselves.

    • Bataviawillem

      We are on the same road.