Is America a Third World Country?

“…That said, the question about whether or not the United States is destined to become like a third world country is fair. Elite — and not so elite — college campuses are microcosms of the new elite and reflective of the attitudes ingrained into a future generation of leaders. Few students question entitlements, even though they have effectively become a Ponzi scheme guaranteeing a crash in a not too distant future when those paying in cannot match those on the receiving end. The ballooning debt to GDP is neither sustainable nor wise. Politicians often prioritize the easy over the wise and ultimately they will deal with debt by default. One default makes further defaults easier as the stigma erodes. And the problem isn’t just national debt: unfunded pensions will ultimately force a showdown between an entitled government class and the private sector as to whether the latter will have to bail out the former.”

  • Brett_McS

    It used to be that a government job traded pay for security. Now it has the pay – compared to the private sector – as well as the security. Not a sustainable situation!

  • BillyHW

    What do you expect when you let in so many 3rd world people?

  • G

    I was solidly with him until this.
    “Donald Trump”… (….. ect….)… “racist castigations of Mexicans or Muslims become successful strategies, a window into a third world future becomes clear”.

    Then I though ok, here it is, just another bash Trump article.

    • Funny how these writers talk about Trump as if he has already been President for a number of years — comparing him to “Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vladimir Putin, or Raul Castro”. The man has never held any Legislative power, he’s in pre-campaign mode — we don’t yet know details of his policies, only his general philosophy related to the Primaries. He’s not required to hash them out yet.

    • ntt1

      yeah that was it for me too.

  • Actually, America is worse than a Third World country — poor people in the TW are entrepreneurs and know how to make use of abandoned buildings such as the one pictured above. The TW is always in survival mode. Americans don’t know how to make use of it (except as an overnight crack house), and couldn’t use it even if they knew how (bylaw restrictions). In many parts of the Third World if a house or a property is abandoned for a number of years, then it’s up for grabs — squatters can move in and make it livable, or subsistence farmers can till the land and harvest crops, establishing a legal claim. Everything is put to good use.

  • Dana Garcia

    When the government imports tens of millions of third worlders with third world values and no effort is made to assimilate them, then the result is to be expected.

    • I dunno, so the run-down abandoned building in the photo was likely occupied by people from the third world?

  • mauser 98

    Barry wants it that way

  • Hard Little Machine

    Having lived in the 2nd and 3rd world, I can tell you we’re headed there yet, not exactly. But it’s certainly 2nd world status like Panama, Guatemala, Egypt, or Sri Lanka for sure. Politically the US is ruled by an unaccountable and in many ways unelected elite. The middle class is being destroyed and the government is tending toward authoritarian. Business is bribery based and it largely piratical in nature.

    The funny thing is that for a generation the social justice warriors of their day scream that the US should be ‘more like’ the rest of the world. They assumed that meant Denmark. But what it means is Mexico or Vietnam.

  • lolwut?

    You can’t have a first world nation with a third world population.

    This is the sort of thing people in Vancouver deal with.
    it’s next to impossible to find any affordable housing that isn’t
    run or owned by Chinese, East Indians and now Persians.

    DTES is an extreme example but ownership of property
    by these types of people is wide spread and growing.

    • DMB

      If there is any Canadian city in need of a major housing bubble burst it is Vancouver. So far the only Canadian city to recently experience one is Calgary due to the incompetent polices of the Rachael Noetly government.

      • Exile1981

        I know a lot of Calgarians who couldn’t sell their houses for what they paid since housing sales are way down. One couple was smart they sold their place in the muslim ghetto just before the crash and ended up down sizing but know have a mortgage they can live with.

  • ntt1

    we had a very talented technician quit our well paid industry in favour of the doomed letter carriers union. the reason? the pension. she believes that even if letter carriers are extinct in a few years she will have qualified and that pension( quite a nice one) will continue for twenty years or so ,she has left.
    I wonder if any of the government types can see the coming collision of retiring un pensioned taxpayers ,still able to vote .and the ex government pensioner ‘s comparatively worry free existence.

  • DMB

    The U.S. has an $18 TRILLION debt and getting worse. This is unsustainable just wait until they become insolvent then it will no longer be contained in certain pockets of America. Ontario Canada is headed in the same direction.

    • It’s the elephant in the room. The debt limit was established as 10 trill before the recession, now in less than a decade it has broken the limit and the debt has practically doubled (I think they’ve abandoned the idea of a limit altogether). How the U.S. can maintain its credit rating I don’t know, but I guess when you have half the world’s economy you ARE the credit rating.