French minister tells Corsicans to shut up and accept being abused by violent Muslims

Just like the rest of France does.

Meanwhile in Calais which faces economic ruin thanks to illegal alien invaders the locals have started to fight back.

But naturally resistance to invasion is labelled “Xenophobic”…

‘Let me get my gun’: Xenophobic groups intimidate migrants in Calais

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The French ruling class has never learned from the Bastille. How long will it be before we see guillotines in public squares?

    • Martin B

      Hopefully before Hollande’s term as President is up.

  • V10_Rob

    Barely a month past and France is rolling over and baring it’s throat in submission.

    Disappointing, but nor terribly surprising. Enjoy your dhimmitude.

  • Gary

    Justin is telling us to STFU and get use to jihad attacks like the two last year .
    He’s bringing in at least 10,000 pro-sharia homophobic anti-Christian muslim refugees from Syria which John McCallum told us to have compassion because many have PTSD from the horrors of war.

    Great , lets hope you’re not the co-worker next to one of these psycho’s that hears allah voice to behead you .