A tale of two Cruzes: Glitzy vs lo-budget

A moment ago, I noted a Pulitzer cartoonist portraying a US GOP politician’s kids as monkeys, accompanied by the usual snivelling withdrawal and “apologies” from those who hope for a chance to do so again. This from Michelle Malkin at Townhall:

Remember 5-year-old Sophie Cruz?

Groomed for a year by an outfit called the “Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition,” Sophie is the ponytailed poster child for amnesty who was literally propped up in front of the pope during a September visit to Washington, D.C.

Latino activists brazenly bragged about training the first-grader before the visit and crafting a letter in her name pleading with the Catholic pontiff to help her rescue President Obama’s executive illegal immigrant amnesty program DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents), which was halted under federal court order on May.

In The Washington Post, a Harvard University professor praised the kiddie human shield tactics of the amnesty movement after Sophie’s stunt.

However, the child chooses to live her life—and we must hope the best for her personally—Latin American immigrants are, statistically, better news for the new welfarecrat classes than for the shrinking middle and working classes who once lived by productivity.

On that point, see David Frum, unaccountably saying the unsayable

Now, back to Malkin:

Imagine if a conservative political cartoonist had defended the depiction of Sophie as a chained dancing monkey by commenting that her parents’ use of their daughter in political ads and media students made the child “fair game.”

Imagine the front-page, white-hot, and nonstop outrage from Democrats, journalists and the White House that would ensue. More.

Reality check: But Sophie is rescued from “monkey” status precisely because she is in fact a prop in a progressive campaign. The other kids really don’t count, and are being allowed to know that early.

Note: There is, of course, a racial angle to all this, but I tried to explain here why I am not pursuing it. Race does not protect a person who is unprofitable to welfarecrats. It can trigger significant hostility (see KKK, Oops Sorry!, Religion Prof Goes After Carson)

See also: Portraying politicians’ children as monkeys? That’s okay if the cartoonist is from the technocratic elite and the kids are from the shrinking middle and working classes.

  • Gary

    The democrats and Liberals mock those believing in creation which by default mean they support that Obama’s comes from apes as we all do.
    So basically they could show Obama with his daughters as chimps and that would be more valid as a fact of Evolution that Dawkins and Barbara Boxer endorse.
    Democrats loved Obama because he wasn’t a dark negro. They like the brown negro to show people how they aren’t racists.