The Numbers Are in: Black Lives Matter Is Wrong about Police

Ever since the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement, Americans have been bombarded with assertions that black men face a unique and dangerous threat — not from members of their own community but from the very law enforcement officers who are sworn to “serve and protect” them. Hashtags such as #DrivingWhileBlack and #WalkingWhileBlack have perpetuated a narrative that black Americans risk being gunned down by police simply because of the color of their skin. Using individual anecdotes of police misconduct and the now-discredited “hands up, don’t shoot” rallying cry, Black Lives Matter has built a case that American police are out of control.

  • Shebel

    Even niggers need something to fight for.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Again, I politely enquire as to why the “shaming” is necessary. Moderators normally simply delete comments which “break rules” and leave the finger-wagging to progressives.

      • Oh put a sock in it Ethan.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Excuse me, but why are you being rude? I merely asked a question and even explained why. I have never seen this done on any other website, as I said. I was wondering if it is a policy at BCF for moderators to do this. I simply and very politely asked a question. I did nothing to deserve such a rude response from you.

          • You “simply and very politely asked a question” in which you described my behaviour as “repugnant”. I’m not interested in this passive-aggressive nonsense, Ethan.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I am most certainly not “passive-aggressive”, nor do I respond well to autodidactic psychiatrists talking through their worn, somewhat soiled pantyhose.

            It seems you are more patient than psychiatrist, by the looks of it, and “moderate” is one thing the mentally unhinged can never be/do.

            Happy New Year. I hope you learn to disagree without being so disagreeable in 2016. I tried to enquire about a BCF practice/policy of “naming and shaming” that I have seen only YOU implement. Your response is very telling, albeit less than forthright.

          • “…albeit less than forthright…”

            Ah, so. In fact, while I usually simply delete vile or potentially legally dangerous comments when I see them, I do indeed occasionally do as I did above. My reason for doing this is so that the commenter, invariably one who has a history of typing this sort of thing and has been asked before not to, can have another go at learning the comment policy (which really isn’t very complicated). Do you think it would be nicer just to ban people (again, people who have been asked repeatedly not to write certain kinds of things) without further warning or explanation? But you clearly have discerned a secret agenda in my actions. I wonder what it is.

            I’ve told you about Ethan, remember? Weird cat. He was a guy who would write “Go fuck yourself. Thank you very much” and then go on to protest that in fact his manners were exquisite: after all, he’d said “thank you”. You seem to be doing something similar.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Or maybe I am not the only one to have never encountered this practice on other websites. Hardly cause for a case of mistaken identity.

            I am male, but I am not Harrison Ford. I am hirsute, but I am not Lou Ferrigno. I am over six feet tall, but I am not Tom Selleck. I am a husband and father, but I am not Brad Pitt. My IQ is well above average, but I am not Einstein.

            There. I did my best.

            Thank you for the informative explanation.

            Happy New Year to you and yours.

            I think I shall carry on being me for 2016. Sounds like a plan…..

          • Oh, here’s what’s going to get you banned, again: making comments about my, or anyone else’s, “soiled pantyhose” and the like. Tread lightly.

          • El Martyachi

            Previously-banned character who (among other things) behaves suspiciously like a long-term provocateur/agent of influence, changes handles and continues prior activities. Seems pretty cut and dry.

          • Justin St.Denis

            There you go again. My wife (I know you hate that I bring her up, but we’ve been together forever!) thinks you may be one of those people who objects to anyone who has benefitted from more opportunities than yourself. Your constant use of the “c” word is disrespectful of women, and I called you out in that. I won’t apologize for that, but will entertain you with this small fact, My handle is my father’s name. Justin is actually my middle name. Wow, huh? What could that mean? Hmm…… You are a piece of work, but they abandoned the site before construction was completed. 😉 Have a Happy New Year.

          • El Martyachi

            Wow, your wife’s a psychiatrist? Or just an autodidactic one of higher calibre than mamba? And here I thought she was just another slut who likes it in the butt.

            You try too hard.

          • Justin St.Denis

            You put great effort into being offensive. Unfortunately, you lack imagination.

          • El Martyachi

            Could be.

            Say, how about we settle this once and for all? Since you’re ever so persistently expounding on your personal attributes, and are such a long time fan of the BCF clan, why not call up one of the moderators on skype, show some ID that matches your name claim a few posts up, and establish a rapport. This sort of thing should be a fish-in-water scene for a successful executive like you.

            If it’s kosher, and you are indeed who you claim to be, I’ll close my account stop commenting.

          • “If it’s kosher, and you are indeed who you claim to be, I’ll close my account and stop commenting.”

            Oh, don’t do that, whatever happens. I need you to upvote my comments, Marty.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I am not “claiming to be” anyone other than myself. You want me to admit to being somebody else whom I have never known or met. I have not been frequenting BCF for very long. I recently semi-retired. But whatever, because whatever I say, you won’t believe. So I simply don’t give a fuck about you or your opinion of me. Neither costs me a cent.

          • El Martyachi

            …whatever I say, you won’t believe.

            Pretty much, yep.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Which tells me that you are likely projecting, hence it’s mutual and I don’t give a fuck. Over and out.

    • Millie_Woods
  • BillyHW

    Dear blacks: Nobody cares about your problems.

    • AlanUK

      I care about Blacks.
      I care about Whites.
      I care about Hispanics.
      I care about Asians.
      I care about Muslims (I don’t care for Islam.)
      etc. etc.

      Add them up. I care about human beings. I care especially when human beings are being (ab)used by those who have a political axe to grind.

      • BillyHW
        • AlanUK

          I wouldn’t go that far!
          When I looked for the link n YouTube the previous item was 10 (totally negative) facts about Coca-cola. IF you believed them all you would never drink Coke again.
          Wandering off topic:
          I was in Atlanta (home of Coke) when they tried to change the flavour a couple of decades ago. According to a local, it was getting close to riots because they were down to the last pallet of the “real stuff” where he worked.
          America has an amazing fixation on sugar-rich soft drinks!

          • BillyHW

            Europe has an amazing fixation of faggotry.

  • Xavier

    The truth no longer matters; what is important is that the message confirms the target group’s strongly held beliefs and expectations.

    BLM, Hillary’s campaign, gun control, AGW, campus oppression, rape culture, Dreamers, Benghazi, the myth of domestic terrorism…

    Thus are votes secured by lies.

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  • Editor

    As with most modern leftist social movements, numbers don’t matter you shitlords. It’s the “feels before reals” schools of thought.

  • canminuteman

    I’m shocked!!

    I think Blacks fail to realize that the police these days treat everybody like crap. I am reading stories in the local paper depressingly regularly about police misconduct among the members of my local Durham Regional Police Force (southern Ontario, North shore of Lake Ontario).

    It could be a good thing. It might mean that things that went unreported in the past are now reported, but i doubt that that is the case.

  • tom_billesley

    Black lives don’t matter enough to blacks.

    • “Snitches get stitches” is a common meme in the black community. This allows black thugs a free pass to create chaos in the black community.

      Whites turn in their local thugs and have much safer communities.

      The minute blacks help other blacks by turning in the thugs, the cops won’t even be needed.

      Blaming the problem on honkies may make, racist whites and blacks happy, but it won’t help the problem.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Black lives really mattered to former New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, which is why he maintained the policy of stop and frisk, thus protecting the law abiding against an out of control gangsta culture.

  • Yo Mama


  • David Murrell

    And this morning (Wednesday December 30, 2015), CBC News posted a year-review article endorsing Black Lives Matter:

    stating that their extremist protested focused “public attention” on “police killings”. No mention of the vast number of black-on-black matters, of course.