‘Pathetic’: Richard Dawkins mocks Muslim journalist’s belief in Mohammed and his horsey

“Ridiculing belief in a winged horse is not bigotry, not Islamophobia, not racism. It’s sober, decent, gentle, scientific realism”

Richard Dawkins

  • Martin B

    A winged horse flying to the heavens, how original. When Mo wasn’t busy ripping off and perverting Judaism and Christianity, he was doing the same to Greek mythology.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      You mean Mobil Oil got its logo from the Koran?

      • Alain

        You didn’t know?

      • pdxnag


      • Justin St.Denis

        And Steve Mller is a Cosmic Caliph, if logos are anything to go by. Fly like an eagle, let the islam carry me….

    • Good point!

  • Islam is made for morons by morons, and can only produce morons.

    • john700

      And should not be fought with morons (Dawkins).

      • There is a difference of degree, still.

        • john700

          Atheist regimes in Eastern Europe killed more Christians than Islamic regime. And, unfortunately, they were helped enthusiastically by the Communist Jews.

          • David Murrell

            A truly mindless comment. Any links to support your nro-Nazi views? From a non-Nazi web site?

          • john700

            According to people like you, any site I would link to would be considered Nazi. Try gfy.org.

          • I am not sure where you got your statistics. Communist Jews ended up dead too.

          • T.C.

            How can a communist be a Jew? Communists don’t believe in religion – unless it’s the religion of international socialism. Anyway, Dawkins is a little late to the party. He’s been a useful idiot for both socialism and islam for quite some time now. He’s not even a particularly knowledgeable evolutionary “scientists” these days.

          • The Communist Jews were for a while among the leaders of the Bolshevik movement and revolution in Russia, but they were later purged, and eliminated or imprisoned by the Party. These Jews (JINOs. to be exact) were the early 20th cent. version of today’s self-hating, anti-Israeli Jews. They actively persecuted their brethren, until they in turn were persecuted by their Communist comrades.

          • T.C.

            Your reply simply reiterates my question. If a Jew becomes a commie and persecutes other Jews for being Jews, then how can a communist be a Jew? Former Jewish communists abandoned their religion for a new socialist religion called International Socialism. It was a requirement. I see no reason to call them “Communist Jews.” Call them what they were – communists. They weren’t Jewish anymore. Just like – despite all the disinformation – there were no Christian Nazis. A “Christian” Nazi had abandoned Christianity for a new religion called National Socialism. Those who did not abandon their Christianity more often than not were lucky to survive the experience. Today we see all kinds of prog SJWs who have abandoned JC religions for socialism. They are neither Jewish or Christian, despite their religious background. To call them either is misleading.

          • Well, logically, you’re right. But what of people who have one foot in one camp and another in the other? I mean what of Jews who were psychologically or culturally or even somewhat spiritually still attached to Judaism or the Jewish people, even as they were Commies. That happens. Similarly, I have no doubt some Nazis still regarded themselves as Christians. People are illogical.

          • john700

            They did. We all do. But they died in their beds!

          • Wrong. They were assassinated or sent to the Gulag. Read some history books before you spew out your bile.

          • john700

            I was talking about Eastern Europe, not the Asian territory located East of Poland.

          • Eastern Europe other than Russia? Just who do you have in mind?

          • john700

            Hungary, Romania…

          • Yeah, who?

          • john700

            this guy seemed to be a nice chap: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandru_Nicolschi

          • John700 – your original statement was a sweeping one: “Atheist regimes in Eastern Europe killed more Christians than Islamic regime. And, unfortunately, they were helped enthusiastically by the Communist Jews.” and you give as specific countries: “Hungary, Romania…” You complain that the Jews concerned died in their beds, and when pressed you give as concrete evidence one case, that of one Alexandru Nicolschi in Romania. Don’t you think it is a bit thin, your comment aimed at Jews in general (that is your intent surely) because of this one obscure rogue Jew?

            Let me tell you frankly. Unfortunately, there are criminals even among Jews. E.g. In Israel, there are mafiosi-style gangsters involved in drugs, prostitution, murder, etc. Jews do not claim to all be saints – though perhaps we claim to have statistically less such people, due to our good moral education.

            I do not know what people(s) you come from, but I suggest you look into the number of your brethren who were Communists and involved in torture etc. and who died in bed. Then compare the stats and tell me if you have any particular reason to focus on Jewish rogues. OK?

          • john700
          • He seems to have been one. But again, I urge to compare stats and see the significant difference… Every nation has rogues – but in different proportions.

          • Furthermore, you spoke of killing of Christians BY Jews (among others), more than BY Muslims. I repeat, where do you get your stats for this statement? What proportion of these Christians were actually killed specifically by Jews? Were they killed qua Christians, i.e. because of their Christian identity, or qua being non-Communist? What proportion of these Christians were killed by other nominally Christians rather than by Jews? Why are Communists of Jewish origin earmarked by you as Jews, whereas Communists of Christian origin are earmarked by you as merely Atheists? And so on… Clearly, you are only using this context to express your dislike (to put it mildly) of Jews – it is a biased statement not based on objective assessment. Why do you actually ‘dislike’ Jews? What have they done to you or yours? Why are you trying to harm Jews in general?

          • john700

            See, that’s the exact kind of attitude that makes Israel losing actual or potential friends.

          • I do not know what attitude you are referring to. As for losing friends, I suspect the people concerned, like you, were never friends, and so were never “lost”. However, I still hope that you will respond to rational argument and change your mind in a positive manner…

    • David Murrell

      And allowing for first-cousin marriages doesn’t boost the IQ count.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        The European aristocracy is evidence of that.
        The Czar, the Kaiser and the King of England were all first cousins.

    • MRHapla

      as only psychotic inbreeding can,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Dana Garcia

    Fatwa to follow. Muzly journalists can issue them, right?

  • Spatchcocked

    John700 doesn’t think Jewishness is a belief system…..a religion.
    Jewishness is blood and bone and flesh…..in the past measurable identifiable by certain cranial ratios and so on…..it’s easy for an expert a professional who has studied these matters in depth to almost smell a Jew walking by on the street.
    He is confident that one day the Jew genome will be found.

    • DD_Austin

      Phrenologists found the Jew genome causes a bump located on the nose

  • BitterClinger

    I want the dome of satan destroyed. I just watched a show on Jerusalem and I wanted to throw something at the tv when those koranimals were on there with their BS. DESTROY IT. And if they protest, kill every damn one of them. Rid Israel of pisslam. NOW.

    • The Arabs don’t need to be killed, just thrown out. They have shown themselves unworthy of peaceful, productive and prosperous living.