Legacy media are call centres

They are in touch with us for only one reason – to sell us something we probably should not want—in this case, manufactured news.

Much of their manufacturing business  involves extraction: Failing to report facts that would seem relevant to most hearers, but would highlight the growing helplessness in the face of events one cannot honestly discuss.

Recently, RedState editor Eric Erickson complained:

Saadiq Long is one data point in the quest for narratives. In 2013, liberal journalists wove the facts of Saadiq Long into the greater narrative that the United States was still an oppressive regime under Barack Obama. The “no fly list” was but one example, and Saadiq Long was on the no fly list. The cause of Saadiq Long was championed by MSNBC, Glenn Greenwald, Mother Jones magazine, and more.

As Patrick Poole at PJ Media reported last week, back in 2013, Saadiq Long wanted to return to his native Oklahoma to visit his ailing mother. Long had moved to Qatar and could not get home because he was on the “no fly list.” The media pressure eventually led the Obama Administration to remove Long from the “no fly list,” but he was eventually added back. Last week, Long was arrested in Turkey as part of an ISIS cell.

Long will be scrubbed from the record, as his story no longer fits the narrative the media has wanted to tell the American public. More.

Reality check: People buy those media, quote from them, and preen themselves if they should ever get noticed by or published in them. Anyone who does has chosen.

The world is dividing between those for whom evidence and fact matter and those for whom narrative and spin matter. The latter are the majority, to judge from the votes when it counts. The rest of us must pick up the pieces where we can.

See also: Mapes’s lie-o-pic, the “Truth” film about Rathergate, bombed at box office, but so? What matters is the cultural power to even make
such a film, without the widest possible ridicule from anyone who counts.


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  • Ed

    Like the hysterical kid who imagines that the louder he screams the more he’ll get his way, the reality is exactly the opposite. (see ratings for MSNBC) 🙂