Honour killings not barbaric? Why is Justin Canada’s PM?

An American friend wrote to ask me, how could Justin Trudeau have become Canada’s prime minister when, in 2011, he had said that honour killings shouldn’t be called “barbaric.”

He writes,

Trudeau’s comment is making the rounds down here. He walked it back, apparently, but we’re still amazed he’s Canada’s leader.

I replied, I would be amazed too, except that the world is tipping.

The elite know that the people who have the children will win over the people who have the abortions. Viscerally, they have to know it. Practically, it is a social crime to discuss the fact.

They hope to preserve some kind of life for themselves amid the decline (a decline driven largely by the mathematics of 4 being larger than 1). As it happens, they also despise their underlings* (who cling bitterly to guns and religion—but vote for welfare).

So Justin did get elected, of course, and the goodies rain down The people have spoken.

Some of those people do grow restless at times. I was talking to “Jane” the other week.

She was terrified of rampant Islam, including the lighter sentences she had heard of, given to Muslim men convicted of crimes against woman. But she nonetheless voted for Justin’s Liberals, the party that would more likely advance the Islamist agenda.

She confided in me (hoping I would do something).

I asked her, Jane: Will you tell anyone but me that you are afraid?

No. She just wanted someone to know privately that she was afraid.

She was afraid of being called a racist, even though the issue has nothing to do with race; every non-Muslim or non-approved Muslim of whatever ethnicity is at risk. Her neighbours all know this but vote to keep the terror that threatens all of us strong. They read media that assist by silence and incomplete explanations.

She seemed to sense that she had chosen; she only wanted someone to witter to safely. (She knew I wouldn’t shout, you RACIST! You ISLAMOPHOBE!)

If thing go badly for her, there is little I can do, I can only reflect on Mark Steyn’s: Civilizations become too stupid to survive.

* Reality check: Some of the underlings turn to fascist movements, but that won’t help. Fascism is a variant of socialism that is nationalist, rather than internationalist, at least in its aspirations. Most signwaving recruits probably still want and need welfare and big government, and someone else’s children must inherit the bankrupt territories. Less creative, more oppressive, and more violent societies usually ensue, at least in the short term. One rescues what one can.

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  • Why is he PM? Because a lot of people didn’t show up.

    • Waffle

      Sorry cat. Have to disagree. While it is true that we got Wynne because a lot of people didn’t show up, your theory does not hold true for JT — $$$ and the unfathomable tendency of people to prefer lies over truth is at least part of the answer.

    • moraywatson

      “Jane” voted, but she is failing to “show up”. Jane is not prepared to be responsible for herself and her own well being. Jane is an entitlement whore, and a coward. Jane belongs to the state.

    • BillyHW

      Because too many of the wrong kind of people showed up.

    • Canadian Born

      The ones that showed up were the star struck first time voters who don’t have a clue on what they have done to this country. I was pre Senior Trudeau era and know what Canada was like, it was an amazing country. God willing I hope I will still be here at the end of Juniors term so I can say I told you so.

      • lolwut?

        Trudeau has 3 kids, you can bet on them being prepped for continuing the hold on power.

    • Bataviawillem

      30 % government workers + 30 % welfare recipients outnumber 30 % nett taxpayers, it’s that simple.

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        ..that’s the situation.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …he said he was going to legalize Ganja..but now, of course, he’s got a topcop bull running that program, good luck on that one…so it’s guaranteed that they’re going to act all confused and dumb about exactly what to do, for at least another 20-30 years…

  • Dana Garcia

    Diversity is the new liberal religion of choice. That means women’s rights and safety take a back seat, because you can’t insult the culture of choppers, et al.

    Totally predictable.

    • V10_Rob

      Not even a proper religion, more like cargo cult magic thinking.

    • Yes, psychologically, the same as religion.

  • Millie_Woods

    They voted for Obama twice, but they’re amazed that JT is Canada’s leader??? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Craig White

      Not an Obama man by any stretch…but he has ten times the brain power than his new BFF Justin. He’s a simpleton on so many levels it defies description

      • Millie_Woods

        Perhaps 1.5 times or even twice the brainpower, but certainly not 10 times.

        Justin is enough of an airhead without exaggerating Obama’s extremely ordinary and run-of-the-mill intelligence

  • As sure as water running downhill, multi-culti, mismanaged deficit spending liberal politicians will kill the golden goose (free enterprise system) that laid the golden eggs. To make matters worse they have invited in hordes of Islamic murdering cultists.

    This gets sorted out soon or massive social unrest will ensue.

    Europe goes first. The start has already begun. Merkel has thrown gas on the kindling and lit a match.

    Canada with Trudeau’s suicidal immigration policies won’t wait, or last long.

    The US may make a solid stand. And America’s “gun nuts” won’t go down without a good fight.

    The next twenty-thirty years will be like no other.

    • canminuteman

      I agree, except the conservatives immigration policies were just as suicidal.

      • P_F

        Absolutely correct. When in power they didn’t do enough to protect our rights on the contrary under 9 years of conservative rule we had the highest immigration intake in a century. Even when they were in majority in the parliament they didn’t bother to correct many ills in our justice system & society. For instance; They could’ve easily curtailed the immigration intake from third world countries especially the mohammedan countries, bring back the self-defence/castle doctrine, carry permits for law abiding, trained, non-welfare recipient citizens, etc. But I guess the ‘conservatives’ are no longer true to their roots, at the best they are ‘progressive conservatives’.

      • The RINOs are an embarrassment.

        I hope Trump wins the election and then pushes a two term and you are out agenda. Two term limits would dramatically help the system.

    • lolwut?

      Massive unrest is needed.

      This problem isn’t going to be resolved with elections alone.

    • Maggat

      And, Turdeau will have as many of our guns confiscated as possible to leave us defenseless and supplicating.

  • truepeers

    In civilised society we have given up the control of violence to the police. When someone threatens us or attacks some stranger we are not supposed to do anything but call the police. Even in immediate self defense we are only allowed to use reasonable, i.e. Limited, force.

    This creates a situation where when we feel threatened we are not supposed to do anything. And when the people in authority tell us there is nothing or little to be worried about, or, at best, that they will takecare of it in the proper civilized way, then the most available mimetic response to the threat you fell emotionally is to start identifying with the barbarian, to sympathize and deny the threat.

  • BillyHW

    Have you heard about my theory for why Justin is Canada’s PM?

    • canminuteman

      Does it have something to do with female suffrage?

  • john s

    I don’t see linking the demographic problem or the election of Trudeau to socialism. If canada was so yearning for goodies we would have elected the NDP I think. Trudeau appeals to the desire of rich people (canadians ) to feel or appear morally superior. The whacko rhetoric sewers I encourage treed pre election ranted about Harper’s war on this and war on that and Canada’s reputation worldwide but they were not harping on social programs and government spending. This is liberalism canada style., a lot of preening and self regard, and a smug belief that the country rotates around the Toronto area.

  • Timshel54

    Why is dim bulb Justin Trudeau PM despite his opinion regarding honor killings? Because we’ve hit peak cultural relativism…peak apathy or peak fng stupid…take your pick…maybe all of the above. I dunno.
    I think it needs to be said – Your average Canadian isn’t all that bright. Sorry if that hurts some people’s feelings but it needs to be said.
    I reside in a progressive bubble…I could weep for this country for what is uttered out some these people’s mouths, many of whom would be classified as “professionals” with respect to their occupation.
    If you think the CBC and the progressive media have no effect at all on their readership or viewers…well, you’d be wrong.

    Conversation last week.

    Me: Hey! Why isn’t your new PM making good on his promise to legalize Marijuana…or at the very least, making an effort to decriminalize it?

    Progressive scholar: That’s because Conservatives are blocking it in Parliament.

    Me: Say what now?

    Catch my drift? Anyways…hate to be a wet blanket. I’m only calling it like I see it.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Who reads or watches the CBC?
      And that marijuana thing was always a lie that no one I spoke to would accept that it was a lie.

      • Timshel54

        “And that marijuana thing was always a lie that no one I spoke to would accept that it was a lie.”

        Well, I guess that’s kind of my point now isn’t it?

        Who reads or watches the CBC?? I don’t…you don’t – but someone does.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Older people do.
          The same kind that voted for their mail delivery to be restored.
          And that, too, looks increasingly unlikely.

          • ntt1

            home delivery is dead as the buggy whip manufacturers after the car appeared. Rural Canada has never had home delivery and those that do rely increasingly on electronic billing as I do . Once a week i empty my mail box of its junk mail and political propaganda and retain the one or two pertinent pieces. Cut mail delivery further to once a week drop the junk mail imposed on us and offer a premium service for those that want home delivery through an existing private courier service.

      • Timshel54

        Further to my point – The marijuana issue was simply an example. I guess my point is…it was always the Conservatives fault while they were governing and it still is even when they’re not.
        It’s a no win.

        However, it’ll be fun to play offense – The bad news? The media will be playing defense for the Liberals.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Sometimes you can change people’s minds by rubbing their noses in the mess they have made.
          They won’t like you for it but that’s part of being a parent.

          • ntt1

            That worked for my cats .

  • Oracle9

    I would estimate that perhaps 20% of Canadians maximum have any idea of the changes that have happened to the world since Obama first became president.

    We are 10 years behind the times when it comes to awareness of the world. Back then p-c was definitely an annoying part of the way of things but not destructively rampant. Truth lost its legitimacy about the time of the Arab Spring, and Canadians have yet to notice.

    And that is why Trudeau is PM.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Trudeau is PM because far too many people are entranced by “celebrities” whether or not the have earned or deserve their celebrity status.
    Trudeau has neither earned nor does he deserve such false acclaim but he uh smiles and uh has messy hair.
    For whom did most of the under 40’s population vote?

  • Dagan Dewar

    We hate him out west. The majority anyways. Don’t get it wrong. Canada is divided on this fucking clown

  • Chris

    You need to look into context. People in that culture will be more resistant to changing how they live if you referred to their customs as barbaric. I’m vegetarian and I think eating any kind of animal meat is barbaric… so did what I just said make you want to stop eating meat? likely not and likely your inner neanderthal now wants to indulge in meat just to stick it to me. That’s Trudeau’s point and in no way is he suggesting there is anything acceptable about Honour Killings

    • Is this sort of the same idea that we must never suggest that Islam isn’t wonderful or else peaceful Muslims will be hurt and go join ISIS? “How dare you say that killing my daughter is barbaric? I’m going to go strangle her right now! That’ll show you.”

      • Chris

        The point clearly went right over your head and who the are you quoting, yourself? “Well we did accuse them of being Neanderthals not rocket scientists!”…. bloody hell! I’ve got a gremlin in my head too!

        • Obviously I’m “quoting” the hypothetical person so offended by having aspects of his culture described as barbaric that he is resistant to changing them, as you explain is likely to be his reaction.

          I admit the thing about you having gremlins in your head goes right over mine.