Harvard Law dean compares microaggressions to violence, sexual assault


Dean Martha L. Minow, during her winter commencement speech on injustice, asked her students to keep fighting even after they graduate. She made references to apartheid and segregated schools before making the bizarre analogy.

“Taking even seemingly small acts in one’s own school can build the culture that prevents violence, bullying, sexual assault and racial microaggressions,” she said.

She was specifically addressing “marginalized students at Harvard”.

If you are attending Harvard, you are NEVER “marginalized”.

  • I thought Harvard was an institution of higher learning. I didn’t know it was an institution.

  • Dana Garcia

    Maybe the students who feel marginalized at Harvard do so because they cannot keep up with their academic work, compared with fellow students who got there on top grades rather than affirmative action.

    For the complainers of BLM, taking part in noisy campus protests is a lot easier than studying and writing papers.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

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    • Xavier

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