Google’s robot soldier dogs are booted out by the US Marines

It was supposed t be the ultimate battelfield companion – capable of carrying heavy kit and faithfully following its leader.

However, military bosses today revealed they have killed off Cujo, the four legged robot developed by Google’s Boston Dynamics, and its smaller sibling, Spot.

They say Cujo was simply too loud in battle, while Spot was unable to follow soldiers without help.

  • Jay Currie

    They sound like a chain saw with a broken muffler.

    “Listen Muhammad, it is the US Marines.”

    “Calm yourself Muhammad, they are three miles away.”

  • Maurice Miner

    As far as I recall, the original “Big Dog” by Boston Dynamics had a miniature rotary engine revving its guts out, powering the hydraulics from a small PTO. Even in the publicity videos from 5+ years ago, the damn thing was screaming and smoking like a rotary!

    It worked well, and the leg articulation and terrain awareness was inspired programming. But, by Christ it was loud!

    Battery operated, it would be a killer app.

  • Everything has to have a hi-tech solution invented by a nerd sitting at a computer. Why?

    Whatever happened to mules? They can carry heavy loads (200 kgs), are easy to train, and surefooted on any type of terrain. We used mules in the jungles of C.A. After taking them miles down trails through the interior, when you reached your destination and unloaded them, you simply turned them around, gave them a slap on the ass and sent them on their way. They returned on their own — no human accompaniment necessary — the animals memorized the trails!

    • Brett_McS

      That’s it. No government R&D grants for you!

      • Ha! Never did make a six-figure salary using the “bio-equidae” method.

        Rebel Media has a video commentary on how ISIS doesn’t fear fighting American troops because the Americans have no knowledge of guerrilla warfare. Whereas they consider the Israelis as formidable opponents in that respect. I don’t know how accurate that “ISIS” assessment is, nevertheless it makes you wonder if the U.S. doesn’t overdo it sometimes with technology.

        • canminuteman

          I suspect they mean in a war rather than a battle. The muzzies always come out second (or third or fourth) best in a battle with US (or any western troops). But thy know they don’t have to win. They just have to kill a few and the western government will give up. They won back Astan and Iraq this way. they just have to wait until we get bored and go home.

  • Shebel

    I guess the US Military have to do something to break the boredom when they have to PRETEND .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Finally, a job for women in the military.