How more Cubans are fleeing for the US than ever

Yenis Rojas should be a symbol of Cuba’s future. A doctor, she has worked all her life for the state, and is full of drive, energy and ambition.

And yet, despite the announcement a year ago that America and Cuba were re-establishing ties after half a century of hostilities, she sees no promise in her homeland and has fled.

“I had to get out,” she said, speaking from the Costa Rica, close to the border with Nicaragua, where she is camped out.

“I couldn’t stand it any more.”

  • roccolore

    Liberals brag about how great Cuba is, but they’re not leaving en masse.

    • They do love their socialist paradise.

      • Gary

        They love to spend our tax dollars there when Government employees and Teachers go on their vacation in Cuba , but oddly though they come back to their CUPE job and hand out Welfare to Cubans making refugees claims in Canada.

        • Theoretically, if you’re talking about “permanent welfare”. However, I’ve never met a Cuban on welfare — although I must admit I’ve only been marginally involved with the community. I suggest you contact the Cuban Canadian Foundation, they may be able to provide some stats about unemployment rates:

          • Gary

            I don’t need to contact Cubans, the law states the ALL refugees get Welfare and housing because they can not get a Job until cleared to stay here.
            That’s why 15,000 Mexicans flew into Canada as Tourists to make refugee claims for the health care and Welfare.
            Harper put a VISA restriction on Mexico to stop the fraud because a total of 30,000 came here for the welfare . Justin said he is removing this VISA status and get ready for thousands of people to use Mexico to board a plane for canada.
            ISIS won’t have to hide among the Syrian refugees, they just send them to Mexico to board the planes for Toronto thanks to Justin.

          • You’re confusing refugees, with political asylum seekers, with legal immigrants, with illegal migrants, with legal temporary migrant workers, with tourists, etc. Not entirely your fault however, the Left has done an excellent job muddling things. And it can only get worse under Trudeau and the drunken sot McCallum. I don’t think Jason Kenny and the Cons had any of it confused.

          • BTW, they’re not “Cubans”, they’re Canadians, and at this point in the game most of them were born here. How many Brits in this country were not in fact born here? Lots. In fact many Brits have not yet mastered the Canadian accent — second generation Cuban-Canadians speak with a perfect Canadian accent.

          • Gary

            Maybe there is some confusion here because Canadians can not make a refugee claim.
            There are people from Cuba that land at the Airport in Canada and still make a refugee claim because they are coached to game the system where the onus is on Canada to prove they are not a refugee.
            I have dealt with the RCMP and CSIS over a local refugee centre that is tied to human smuggling from mexico to shuttle people up to out border to enter Canada. The person comes in as a Tourist and then goes to the Centre to have all the paper filled out for Welfare and a health card by the local lawyer tied to this scam.
            Then the person is driven back to the border to walk into our Canadian Border and Cutsoms Office to declare they are entering from the USA as a refugee.
            They are held as the paper work is done while the car that dropped them off wait to bring them back .

            Anyone can make a Inland refugee claim at any Office in the major Cities. There is nothing the RCMP or CSIS can do because it’s only a crime in the USA to smuggle these people into America for Money and then transport them up to Canada.
            It’s a long story and I had documents where in one case a Women made a refugee claim and had a 4 month old baby. The baby was listed as an American born in California while the mother address was in L.A. . But the place of birth for the mother was Mexico City .
            So she gets into the USA to have the baby , then suddenly her life is in danger and must travel almost 3000 to Toronto to make a refugee claim.

            The FBI had a great interest in my Document which gave the details for the houses ( and phone numbers) in Texas that people processed prior to be taken North with bogus ID then dump once in Canada.
            Not sure if you get your information from the CBC or refugee groups that lie, but the Somali’s in the early 1990’s jumped on Planes to Toronto and destroyed their ID during the trip and made a refugee claims when they deplaned.
            Many are still on Welfare and that’s why the Dixon and Kipling area is little somalia with sharia law and the apartment building on welfare alley that are over 80% somalia muslims .

            Do you not remember the refugee claim by Randy Quaid around 2011 and is still in Canada but moved from BC to Montreal ?
            In 1984 a Judge ruled that Tourists were a minority protected by the Charter and entitled to Legal Aid and welfare . The case was about a tourist that didn’t want to leave but didn’t have money for a lawyer to stay . So , a Lawyer took up his case and got the Judge to rule in his favour because the Charter gives Rights to PERSON’S and Trudeau did use the word Citizens …..ergo, Tourists were Persons and a Minority group protected for equal treatment .
            Since that ruling Canada pays close to $600,000,000.00 a year for Tourists that don’t want to leaves and make a refugee claim to bilk the system . There is a 75% failure rate for refugees but once in canada it can take up to 20 years to be booted out .
            The Lawyers love it because Immigrants are often coached to make a refugee claim once they get in as a Tourist on vacation .

            The SCOC doesn’t seem to care if their Ruling bankrupts Canada , they also ruled that Women coming to canada did not have to be forced to produce a pregnancy Document from a Doctor show they were not pregnant when they were issued their 6 month visitors VISA.
            This is why we hear about Anchor babies when women come here 5 months pregnant on a 6 month VISA to have the baby here and assure her stay or free education for the child in the future.

            I don’t use the CBC for my information about the scams by foreigners to get in here and bilk the system . Justin had just reversed the VISA requirement for Mexicans , so get ready for about 20,000 coming here each year to make a refugee claim .

            there are 7 billion people outside of canada and I’d love to rescue all of them , but my neighbours should not be burdens with the costs for my values and emotional desires to let in 20-30 million poor people just because of a photo of that Boy on the Beach and other staged photos .

          • I thought we were talking about Cubans, not Mexicans. But if your allegation about Cubans is true, then naturally I agree with you! But I have my doubts — Cuba is not a free country, people can’t come and go as they please. Coming here as a “tourist” may be the only way they get an exit visa from Cuba. Castro is not going to let them leave the island-prison if they say “I’m going to Canada to apply for political asylum”.

            I don’t like people gaming the system, whether they are Cubans, Mexicans, Syrians, Americans or Brits. (In reference to the two latter, Brits and Americans, if you’ve ever watched the Canada Customs and Immigration reality show on Global, you’ll know what I’m talking about — astounding how many Brits and Americans get busted at the airport pretending to be tourists when the purpose is to work here illegally).

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s long past time to pull the plug on Cubans’ special status as illegal aliens which is a holdover from the Cold War.

    • What? Please clarify, what is “special status as an illegal alien”? Never heard of it before.

      • Dana Garcia

        “Wet foot, dry foot.”

        Cubans who make it to US land are allowed to stay. If they are picked up at sea, they are returned to Cuba.,_dry_feet_policy

        • So how’s that “special status”? It sounds like a prejudicial left-wing policy of Clinton’s to save face for the Castro regime — the image of people escaping “utopia” on rafts is pretty embarrassing. And in Canada the Cubans can have it worse — “dry foot” (nobody has made it in a raft to Canada) under former left-wing Liberal governments have sometimes been turned over to the Cuban government, which means certain jail. I remember that happening with some of the Cuban defectors from the Pan-American games in Winnipeg back in the early 2000’s.

  • The U.S. had diplomatic and commercial relations with the former Soviets. They also had those relations with Maoist China. It made little difference in the human rights situations in those countries apart from the fact that it gave slightly easier access to dissidents. The only reason for the embargo against Cuba was because of the nuclear missile crisis — with the embargo lifted you can expect little change in human rights, as per the above examples.

    And the Castros have gotten smarter when dealing with dissidents — instead of favouring long 30 year sentences, which attract the attention of International Human Rights orgs, they are favouring shorter sentences, and “serial incarcerations”. In other words, by the time the HR orgs get their letter-writing campaigns underway and foreign Governments are lobbied, the prisoner(s) are already released. They are then rearrested and jailed, re-released, etc., over a 30 year period — serial incarcerations. Very smart and more effective — hence more damaging.

    BTW, the serial incarceration of anti-abortion dissident Linda Gibbons in Canada — which has actually summed up to years in jail — is straight out of the Cuban Communist playbook. She doesn’t get any press because she is only jailed for brief periods, released, then re-jailed, et cetera.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course. We need a million more ‘refugees’

    • Political asylum seekers — a completely different program. Two of the current Republican Presidential Candidates are children of Cuban asylum seekers: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. We need people like that — they are the most patriotic citizens. That’s why in the linked article Sandinista-controlled Nicaragua doesn’t want them — they’re not communists.

      • Hard Little Machine

        The Mariel Boatlift worked out well in your mind?

        • Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz didn’t work out well in your mind?

          • Hard Little Machine

            So you’re on favor of it. Ok.

          • So you are against Cubans who are patriotic citizens like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. OK. I didn’t know you supported Hillary.

            As for me, I couldn’t care less — I’m Canadian, I can’t vote in U.S. elections. When was the Mariel boat-lift, 35 years ago? I wasn’t even here — was overseas helping dissidents escape Nicaragua. In fact I helped a Rubio escape (not related to Rubio Marco):
            “Omar Rubio — lay preacher, Red Cross worker, and founder of the Ocotal fire department — after he was imprisoned and tortured by the Sandinistas.”

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Well, at least we got the movie Scarface out of it.

    • Gary

      Canada has had a close relationship with Cuba and it shows by the number of liberal progressives and Government employees that support Communism to be the largest group among the Tourists spending our tax dollars in Cuba.

      But many of these Liberals that vacation in Cuba -to sit ion the beach and enjoy the peons fetching drinks for them- will return to Canada at their Government job to process the Welfare Documents for the same Cubans that fly into Canada and make a Refugees claim.
      The same thing happens for Mexico where they vacation there to be served by peons and then come back to process Mexicans making Refugees claims.
      If Obama opens relations with Cuba it should mean that refugees woukld have a problem flying all the way to Canada as a refugee whey Florida is just 90 miles away by boat .
      With 7,000,000,000 people outside the USA, Obama can NOT make it a Human Right outside of the USA for any one of the 7 billion people to enter the USA with the pan to stay and get all the Social services .

  • Obama opened the floodgates of vacationing American liberals to flow into Cuba.

    That is all.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This new exodus from Cuba is going to further upgrade major league baseball.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      David Ortiz is from the Dominican Republic.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        But Yoenis Cespedes is from Cuba and he made a big difference for the Mets.

    • Dana Garcia

      You think baseball is a job Americans just don’t want to do?

      Immigrant ball players work cheap, which is why the major leagues want them. Also, they attract non-English-speaking fans of the same tribe.

  • DMB

    Don’t worry Justin will make the Cubans feel welcomed!

    • I get the feeling that some people on this blog aren’t anti-Communist, they’re not even anti-ISIS. They’re just plain anti-immigrant. Forgetting of course, that they themselves are descendants of immigrants. Using that rationale, I guess that means that the Indians have the right to deport them back to WASP-land. And what happens to the descendants of African slaves in America, I guess that means the Indians should deport them back to Africa.

      Justin’s Party in fact has deported Cuban dissidents right into the hands of Fidel — you got history backwards. Seems that the extreme Left and the extreme Right are one and the same — they’ve come full circle and joined.

      • DMB

        Justin Trudeau admires Communist governments. Liberals embrace many policies from Communist governments that is why Wynne and Trudeau are such devout Socialists. Frankly I don’t even know how you concluded that some people like myself are not anti ISIS. As for immigrants if you think allowing 25,000 Syrians with basically little to no background checks into Canada is being anti-immigrant then that is an insult to legal immigrants to Canada. Not all of us are on the mushy middle of the political spectrum.

        • Okay, so your photo of Justin and Fidel was just satire re: the topic — I get it. But seriously, the photo demonstrates that the Trudeaus are pro-commie, and the Liberals have always been pro-commie. The people from Cuba we are talking about here are anti-commie! That was my point. They are victims of Fidel, not his supporters. If you are American, Ronald Reagan would strongly disagree with that reverse characterization of Cuban dissidents.

          My point about ISIS didn’t refer to you — my point is (since we are talking about Cubans not Syrians) that there are some people here who probably see ALL immigrants in general as the greatest threat. Which means that for those people, the anti-ISIS/anti-terrorist thing is just a front for “I hate all immigrants, period”. Just an opinion — I could be wrong.

          • DMB

            Fair enough!