Wynne’s plan? Higher payroll taxes, carbon pricing

One would think even Premier Kathleen Wynne’s mathematically challenged government would understand why it’s not a good idea to take almost $5 billion a year out of Ontarians’ pockets.

But between her looming Ontario pension plan ($3.5 billion in new payroll taxes) and cap-and-trade scheme, ($1.3 billion in higher prices on goods and services), apparently not.


Ontario is a Kleptocracy, an unholy alliance between the Liberal party and the public service unions.

PM Useful Idiot’s advisers will emulate this criminal enterprise on a national scale.

  • Canadian

    Ontario is becoming an Anglo Quebec!

    • We are on the road to achieving 3rd world status.

      • Canadian

        With Just-in, the whole country will be 3rd world.

        • Except without the nice tropical weather, and laissez-faire culture to at least make it livable.

          • Canadian

            Geography is a bitch, sometimes.

  • terrence

    Well, as Margret Thatcher said, “socialists always run out of other people’s money.” So, it is only a matter of time before this bozo bankrupts Ontario.

    One result will be that many companies leave Ontario, rather than pay even MORE taxes. This may be a significant part of the Ontario business structure; and will mean many fewer jobs for the peasants (and non bureaucrats).

    But, as someone said, “corporations do not pay taxes, their clients and customers do – they pass on the increased cost”.

    And the Non Democratic Party in Alberta is starting to do the same things – unemployment is going way up in Alberta, and will continue to, as it will in Ontario.

    About one year before they were elected, I almost moved back to Alberta (where I was born, grew up, went to university). But, I had a hunch that I should not – was I ever right.

    • v65magnafan

      The Detroit area has a waiting workforce, pro-business governments, a ready infrastructure, inexpensive housing.

  • bob e

    she looks better in her green cap with the red star ..

    • Her only qualification for being elected Premiere was the fact that she is a muff-licker. In the prostitution industry they called that doing “tricks”. Today, it qualifies you as Chief Executive Officer of the Province of Ontario.

      • Will Quest

        & Toronto use to have a va-jay-jay envy !
        Their penis-envy is now on a back burner.

        • Yep, George Smitherman, Glen Murray, and crew, are completely out of the news. Their only hope now is to become full-on “tranny” — Bruce Jenner style a la “Caitlyn”, and keep the penis nicely tucked between their legs like Jenner!


          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            Jenner hasn’t had it chopped off yet? What’s he/she waiting for?

          • Clink9

            Maybe he’ll list it on eBay.

          • tom_billesley


  • marty_p

    C’mon – lighten up … we are about to get wine in the grocery stores. It’ll take a year and an entire $100K+ salary civil service bureaucracy to study the issue but Wynne is promising it will happen! Doesn’t matter that no one will be able to afford the wine except for the $100K+ civil servants.

  • irishrus

    As the majority of Ontarians voted in both Wynne and Turdeau what can we now call them (as they are)?
    And what now of the great Canadian pride?

  • Reader

    The public needs to pay more to decrease the unemployment rate and create good jobs and questionable appointments and government contracts for underemployed Liberal Party hacks.

  • People voted for this.

    Let’s not forget.

    • Canadian Born

      I for one never voted for this inept man/woman and never voted Junior in, so why do the ones that had the brains to help our province and country by not voting these morons in have to pay the price? Boy is Canada in big trouble for Canadians born here but not for the foreigners. We definitely need a man like Trump here in Canada to, straighten things out.

      • Neither did I but that is irrelevant.

        Liberal voters love being over-axed and over-worked. This is why they vote for the same crooks over and over again.

        We need Cruz, a sensible Canadian, to lead the way.