The Consecration of Evil

Jews, Christians and Muslims marked Christmas in the Holy Land with a happy-clappy service promoted by, of all people, Mahmoud Abbas — yes, the same Fatah chief who praises terrorists and insists Christians must surrender their holiest sites to Islamic control

  • “Palestinianism” – the new quasi-religion…

    “For many, salvation is not of the Jews but of the Palestinians.
    People around the world are calling for Jews to be exiled from Eretz Israel. This new anti-Semitic dogma is being driven by a new quasi-religion called Palestinianism, which has positioned itself as the most contemporary interfaith ideology.
    For Christians, Muslims, atheists and even Jews, Palestinianism offers a new kind of replacement theology in which Palestine is the True Israel and Israelis are cast out of the family of nations because of their stubborn loyalty to the land.”

    • That is a sick reality! I will post that.

    • DMB

      Well stated!

    • mobuyus

      There are probably more adherents to “palestinianism” in the West than in the entire Middle East. I think we voted a whole gang of these foul congregants to Parliament.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        “I think we voted a whole gang of these foul congregants to Parliament.”
        Not me, I sure as hell didn’t vote for this shower of shite.

    • His Minister of Tourism was interviewed by Israeli English-language TV on Christmas eve to get her take on Christmas. Besides lamenting the fact that tourism was down 50% this season (because of all their generous stabbings, which she failed to mention), she complained: “the Palestinian people are suffering greatly because of the Israeli occupation”.

      • Yes, the “Palestinians” are suffering greatly, but not because of the “Israeli occupation”, but because of their religious and racial hatred of Jews, their envy and vexation at Jewish success. This is what generates their violence and the support they get for it across the world in media, in academe, in parliaments and governments.

        • The sick thing about it was she made the statement in Bethlehem. Well “Merry Christmas” to you too, Minister of Tourism — you can’t even take one day off from your hate agenda of defaming Jews? Jesus born in Bethlehem was also a Jew.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Pass the sick bag, Ethel.

  • Minicapt

    I wonder how often the IDF does something to remind ‘Abu Mazin’ that his continued 24/7 existence is solely controlled by the IDF.