Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad Feasts on Men for Survival

In what universe would Julia Roberts and Joan Baez hang out with Taylor Swift? What could a ’60s folk icon and Gen-X’s Pretty Woman possibly have in common with the Millennial version of Olivia Newton John? Absolutely nothing beyond the modern pantheon pop culture has dubbed the “Girl Squad.” According to girl squad logic it was totally cool for Swift to haul Baez and Roberts on stage during a California show. The whole episode was such B.S. that one fan called Swift out on it in what became a viral video.

Who’s next? A hologram of Maya Angelou, indeed.

  • Taylor Swift was so cute before she became a sex symbol. So was Miley Cyrus. Everything a dad would wish his daughters to become. Until they started dressing like Las Vegas bar hostesses. Or hookers on the Strip.

    • ntt1

      mean little butterflies

  • ntt1

    camille Paglia is certainly right, these are the plastics and mean girl,s who made Paglias adolescence so troubled

  • Clausewitz

    Self esteem run amok.

  • UCSPanther

    Don’t worry. In 50 years, this vapid garbage will be long forgotten.

    • I hate to be macabre, but usually the pattern is once Hollywood is finished sexually exploiting them, they usually turn to drugs and eventually suicide. I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone, but it’s often the case.