Proposed Panacea for Ontario’s Purported Racism: More Government-Funded Scourges, Scolds and Busy-Bodies

Ontarians not opening wide and swallowing their multiculti cod liver oil/codswallop of late?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Counter revolutionary thought must be stamped out. The “schools” are a primary target. But they’ll be coming for all of us eventually, bet on it. I assume I’ll be paraded through the streets in a dunce cap one day. Once I run out of arrows that is.

  • DMB

    Sounds like the NDP and Liberals are trying to stir up more work for the so called “Human Rights” Tribunals.

    • Liberal Progressive

      No the whole poin is so blogs like this can be shut down because of their incorrect views being taken simultaneously to both the Human Rights and the proposed new Anti-Racism secretariat at the same time for your same vile offenses.

      Even if you don’t lose having to defend yourself against the government in two separate government tribunals with bankrupt you like has happened to other inherently cisgender paternalistic eurocentric websites like the now deceased forums

      • mauser 98

        whew .. your incoherent ramblings ??
        ..war on women? your beloved ISIS deserters..oops refugees will awaken you
        the only eve the only event that may open your mind will be mass gang rapes , murders , atrocities that are similar to ones now taking place in Europe .

        your cancerous “white guilt ” dogma . mantra , brainwashing will be the end of your liberal sheep lives

      • mauser 98

        Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press

      • mauser 98

        freedominion now up and running…thanks

  • People voted for this.

  • Justin St.Denis

    BTW, there already was an Intario Anti-Racism Secretariat. It evolved into that under Bob Rae’s NDP. It was formerly known as the Race Relations Directorate under the previous Liberal regime.

    The switch from a race relations model to an anti-racism model was a purely ideological move by the NDP. Anti-racism model presumes the existence of systemic racism and racists everywhere. The NDP placed some very NUTTY people in their Anti-Racism Secretariat. Some of us keep old Ontaio Government directories. 😉

    After the Harris Tories cleaned house, the Anti-Racism Secetariat was disbanded. Many staff ended up at the CHRC or the OHRC. Staff and managers with actual skills got into other lines of work.

    • Alain

      It is rather amazing how these types always manage to find a new place on the public teat.

  • ontario john

    Yes, just what Ontario needs, another government agency, more civil servants, and people watching that we don’t say anything mean about homosexual perverts, murdering muslims, and whiny indians.