No compulsion…

Muslim engineer kidnapped his female colleague and raped her for five days ‘to convince her to convert to Islam’

  • ‘He took three days’ leave and brutalised and sexually assaulted her,’ said an officer of Hyderabad’s ‘She Team’, a police unit tasked with investigating sexual assault….

    Would that be considered mental health days or religious observance days? Oh, sorry, Muslims often seem impervious to mental health.

  • ontario john

    And where are Western feminists regarding the increasing persecution of women? Well, it seems that they are still focusing on killing babies. The Sunday Star is upset that proper baby killing services are still not widely available in Prince Edward Island. A united church minister of course is leading the effort to increase baby killing there.

    • Count on the United to Church to lead the crazy.

      • Justin St.Denis

        The United Church leads the willing
        Into thousands more baby-killings

        • ntt1

          isn’t it now the “untied church” ? completely free of Christianity but yet tied to the NDP as a farm team.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This is evidence as are other cases like Marc Lepine proving that authorities should be monitoring the activities of all engineers because of their tendancies towards hate.

    • lolwut?

      Marc Lepine was born Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi

      Son of a Algerian Muslim immigrant.,

      • ntt1

        Actually it is urban planners that seem to lead the way in mass murder including the unabomber and jeffrey dahmer.

  • Hard Little Machine

    hopefully this will become standard gender relations on all college campuses soon.

  • BillyHW

    Our pope is a despicable liar because this is true Islam, lived.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Pope Evita isn’t a Roman Catholic. That’s the problem.

  • Exile1981

    When I read the headline I assumed Calgary but it was India.

  • terrence

    Anyone stupid enough to be a mooslime is stupid enough to consider repeatedly RAPE a woman a method of trying ‘to convince her to convert to Islam’

    • Brian Jones

      Yeah, how exactly is that supposed to convince her? “If you convert to Islam,you get to be raped by your husband while you wear a bag over your head. See how much better that will be?”