Muslim mass murderer allowed decent burial

Paris attacker buried in Saint Denis suburb

  • Gary

    Remember how the Media and islamic org’s like CAIR tried to tell us that the two jihadists in SB CA. weren’t muslims when they slaughter 14 people for allah’s cause.
    Well guess what , the CPS in the USA ( CAS in Canada) has possession of the 6 month old baby these two left behind but now the groups like CAIR and the Mosques insist that the baby must go an islamic base family because the parents were Muslims.

    Oh well , there goes that charade that muslim terrorists following the quran and muhammed’s life AREN’T muslims and have NOTHING to do wit the quran .
    I will keep posting for newbie’s that CAIR is the islamic org asking muslim to avoid helping expose the jihadists among them by not speaking to the FBI . In Canada we had Sheema Khan from CAIR asking msulims to not help the RCMP or CSIS with her version of the Leaflet, the same one that Justin’s Omar Alghabra handed ourt when he was at the Jew-hating CAF .

    • Frances

      And didn’t the San Bernardino pair get Muslim burial also?

  • Maggat

    Throw his useless remains into a dog food plant and add it to whats being cooked up. On second though no self respecting dog would eat it.

  • Barrington Minge

    Question: WHY?

  • Martin B

    Are there no sewers in France? No landfills?

  • karra

    I would give them burial as well – definitely want to see who shows up.

    • Alain

      The problem is that nothing would be done about those who show up.

  • ntt1

    just an plop ’em in empty barrel and a few shovels of quick lime ship to dumpsterstan.

  • Alain

    No doubt this was done with the mistaken idea that it would appease Muslims and make them less likely to follow in his steps.