Good for a Laugh

Why are Christians mocked with a vitriol that would be “hate speech” if directed at any other group? Opposition by some of Christ’s followers to elements of the liberal-progressive agenda must surely be one reason. Another might be that our brave artists target only those who turn the other cheek

  • “Is art replacing religion?” Wrong question. Religion was once the inspiration for great art. Avant garde art (renamed “contemporary art”) such as the “piss on Christ” junk, used to be relegated to the back of galleries it was so aesthetically terrible to look at, usually political in nature. It has gone mainstream now, such as Robert Mappelthorpe’s homosexual pedophile “art”, which is why it can no longer be called “avant garde”. Adolf Hitler was a great art lover (which is why he stole masterpieces from all over Europe), and some historians have speculated that it was Hitler’s personal failure as a young aspiring artist that led to his frustration. I have no idea, but there is nothing worse than Nazi political art, except for perhaps Soviet “agitprop”. Although I suspect that Islamist agitprop will outdo them both.

  • irishrus

    I’m still waiting for the movie where Rocky or any of the Avengers take on Isis (chicken Hollywood)