Fury after picture of saint is removed from railway station display in cathedral city over rail firm’s fears it is ‘too Christian’

Britain’s rail bosses have censored an image of a saint from a display of art inside a railway station, saying it was ‘overtly Christian’ and would offend ‘multi-cultural values’.

Network Rail – which is partly funded by the taxpayer – banned an image of St John the Evangelist from Rochester station in Kent, which has just reopened after a £26 million revamp.

The image of the saint, one of the apostles of Christ, was to be placed at the station entrance with other iconography inspired by Rochester’s ancient cathedral.

  • andycanuck

    They can make it even by putting up a picture of Mohammed!

    • Surele Surele

      There goes my breakfast. Thanks.

    • Great idea. The PC multi-culti crowd will be in a tizzy.

    • They likely will.

  • mauser 98

    deck chairs on the Titanic

  • Hard Little Machine

    Gender separated rail cars are next up in the list of appeasements.

    • El Martyachi

      As long as they’re on time I’m all for it.

  • Barrington Minge

    what is wrong with these people? England is a predominantly CHRISTIAN country not some 3rd rate mooslim sandrat hole.

    • Fear and hate drives them

    • BitterClinger

      Not anymore.

    • ntt1

      yes but prince bugger lugs is determined to not only head the Cof E but the local caliphate as well.

  • Icebow

    All establishments must be purged of Cultural Marxist vermin and their policies.

  • Who has so much time in his/her day that he/she needs to worry about this?

    Britain has not been an “overtly Christian” country since Henry Tudor offed his wives. Now, it’s a failed Pakistani state that’s more worried about offending the ever offended than keeping itself relevant.

    • That sums it up.

    • Clinton

      I suspect that for many of our PC nannies this worrying about
      offending Muslims is simply a pretext for sticking a thumb
      in the eyes of Christians. It’s an excuse to scour away any
      references to the Judeo-Christian basis of the culture (and
      patting themselves on the back for being good guardians of
      multiculturalism is a bonus).

      They hate the Judeo-Christian roots of western culture more than
      they love Muslims, believe me.

  • Dana Garcia

    I try of offend multicultural values on a daily basis. Everyone should.

    • El Martyachi

      I wished a scowling muslima cashier a merry Christmas the other day.

  • Oracle9

    Someone needs to tell these lefty elites that even though they disagree, we do have a culture! And who gave them the right to erase it?

  • ntt1

    This is nothing new,30 years ago we were hired to provide Christmas decorations and install them in the Government insurance headquarters. The PR lady was quite explicit as to what was allowed, and what wasn’t. there was to be no Christian specific imagery including crosses, stained glass and gothic arches. remember that even though Christians are a majority, Government has a responsibility to be totally secular

    • Will Quest

      Yet these same so-called ‘progressives ‘ will bend backwards allowing Islamic religious symbols { hijabs/niqabs/burqas } in their precious secular public space ……. hypocrites !