Donald Trump calls truce on Christmas?


On December 19, Donald Trump told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that, “One of the things I always say, and I say it lightheartedly but I mean it — it’s actually not supposed to be so lighthearted — and I get standing ovations, especially in Iowa and certain places — is we are going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

Reality check: The main thing to see is that, except among progressives who want to reshape society in their image, Christmas has generally been popular.

Thus, every time progressives in power can force people to limit or shut it down, they are declaring their triumph over everyone else’s preferences.

Our neighbours might think it is a little thing to back down or say or do less, but they are mistaken. They should get their faces out of the pumpkin pie.

The progressives are just practising on Christmas.

The sad and astonishing thing is that it takes Donald Trump to make an issue out of the creepng cultural takeover.

See also: Asshat U Rebels want “White Christmas” banned “Racist” song, you see.

  • Progressives are failed Scrooges.

  • Allan

    Everyone that answers the phones at my office is instructed to say, “Merry Christmas”. Being a Jew I can get away with it. In almost 20 years we have never had a complaint. And why would we? ITS CHRISTMAS!!

    • V10_Rob

      Anyone wasting time complaining about being wished a merry Christmas already had a chip on their shoulder and was looking for an excuse.

  • I went to a Deli last night to pick up some goodies. The owner of the Deli is Muslim, although most of his employees are Sikh. He’s a very nice man and hard worker — well-respected in the community, he’s definitely not a strict “Halal” or “Sharia” vendor.

    Anyway a typical Canadian couple was there who were trying to be “culturally sensitive”. So they wished the Muslim owner a “Happy Festivus”, instead of “Merry Christmas”. I could hardly believe my ears — they used the Jerry Seinfeld joke as a serious greeting because they thought it was more politically-correct (Seinfeld’s point was that it is ridiculous!). So I yelled out “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!” so everyone in the store could hear. The Muslim owner immediately replied, “yes, Merry Christmas!” And the dumb couple sheepishly replied, “Merry Christmas!”, and everyone else in the store who came to the counter after that said “Merry Christmas”.

    • terrence

      That couple reminds me of this item

  • Brett_McS

    “The progressives are just practising on Christmas.”

    Well put.

  • Alain

    I must admit how much I so enjoy wishing everyone Happy or Merry Christmas even as a non Christian. I do it for two reasons: first that is the correct greeting for the holiday celebrated on 25 December, and second as a means of giving the silly followers of marxist political correctness the bird.

    • Maggat

      I agree, but I won’t use ‘happy’.