Belgian doctors now lament death as “therapy”

Now that it’s too late to turn back.

From MercatorNet:

In our open letter in the Artsenkrant (September 2015) we have already drawn attention to the legal uncertainty for the doctor in cases of euthanasia based on purely psychological suffering. In this opinion piece we draw attention to its particularly problematic character, in particular the impossibility of objectifying the hopelessness of psychological suffering.

One would expect that the untreatable nature of this condition is supported by, for example, indications of an organic injury, or of tissue damage — in other words, with factors independent of what is subjectively felt or thought as a result of the disease. Such objectification is problematic in mental suffering.


Reality check: It’s not “problematic”; it’s impossible. But one thing we may be sure of; euthanasia for psychological suffering is one less pension to pay, for a possibly marginally employable person who can easily be convinced to get involved in the death drama, possibly in part for the attention.

It’s significant that so few people can give themselves the right to talk about this obvious factor in the euthanasia drive. One thing about the abortion issue: People were frank about their wish to just be rid of the child for their own sakes. This ghastly puppet theatre must instead feature loud assertions of the victim’s “rights” instead

See also: It continues: Quebec, maybe Canada, to falsify euthanasia death certificates
The right to falsify a death certificate when someone is killed will doubtless prove very convenient in days to come. (Note how few people we meet care or notice.)

It’s not a real drama like this any more. People are just disposable now:

  • Did we learn nothing from Hitler?

    • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

      Yes. Treat it like a “human rights” issue for the victim. Der Fuerher missed that trick, mostly.

    • Alain

      Apparently not.

  • H

    How can a human life – or any kind of life – have anything but subjective value under secularism? With God out of the picture, is there some objective moral code written into the physical laws of the universe that specifies life is valuable, that it is wrong to take it? Of course not – so under this worldview each individual’s life will have only value based on its utility to society. Humanity is descending down a very dark path….

  • Icebow

    Problematic means ‘doubtful’ or ‘questionable’ rather than difficult.

  • Gary

    Ontario’s health Care crisis now has Wynne pushing her euthanasia to kill off the seniors and vets while she endorses the sanctuary Province and City where Toronto alone has over 200,000 illegals .
    Joe Mihevic at City Hall said that they can all get Welfare and FREE Health Care so Toronto can be a World Class City.

    Amazing how the media is so stupid to play both sides where they report on the Doctor’s issues for the crisis where it’s collapsing and then on the next page we are taking in 50,000 refugees where 70% are parachuting into Ontario while 90% of those will land in Toronto for the Social Services.
    Liberals and the NDP talked about the teen suicide crisis for gays and trans people , but Wynne is now making it easier for these teens to choose euthanasia
    which will be a private matter where I doubt parents will have the Right to know from the teens Doctor directing them to a suicide centre .

  • truepeers

    Re falsifying death cetificates: i followed the link and the story suggested the problem was simply one of the system wanting to hide its homicides from family members. But it got me thinking: are Canadian life insurers going to play along with the euthanasia business? Anyone know? There will of course be pressure on “old” and “sick” people, once they can choose death, to choose it even if no one suggests it. And then when they start thinking… “and the insurance money…”

    • terrence

      I doubt very much that the life insurers would willing cover “assisted suicide”.
      I am sure they would only make pay outs based on what the death certificate said – so if this was fiddled with they might make payments. I think this would be a version of fraud – government sanctioned fraud.

  • Jim Fox

    Euthanasia must apply ONLY to those who choose it. OR for those babies born mangled and with zero chance of survival [God moves in mysterious ways, I know]. There comes a time for many people when the daily struggle finds nothing but pain and despair- who the hell is an observer to prevent that person’s choice to end their suffering?
    To hell with religion- the bane of humanity for millenia; religiots talk of ‘playing God’ whilst doing exactly that!

    • truepeers

      “To hell with…”

      It seems you are unaware that that is itself a quintessentially religious sentiment, i.e. the kind of primitive religion founded on scapegoating that the Judeo-Christian sacralization of life was discovered to recognise in itself and ultimately reject, which is not to say that all Jew or Christians are good at championing life.

      Religion, in a formal sense, may be in degrees optional, but all humanity is inescapably bound by signs of the sacred.

      We all have sympathy for people in great pain but once we can choose death there is no way to decide objectively where someone is making a free choice and is not being unduly influenced by (perhaps unspoken) guilt towards family members or the society at large paying for their hospitalization, or by the pain that might possibly be yet controlled. So it is more humane to focus on palliative care than the easy way out.

      • Jim Fox

        Prolonging suffering is now ‘humane’, is it? Suicide is certainly not an ‘easy way out’. The sufferer is the ONLY one who decides ‘objectively’

        • truepeers

          No doubt you believe that but i think it is naive. We are not, by our very nature, islands unto ourselves. We are fundally mimetic, relational beings (see Rene Girard), whivh is why you feel the need to interject here, and there really is no such thing as detached objectivity, or a free choice that is not underlaid with religious assumptions. Whatever rationality we have is derivative of shared understandings of the communal sacred, and the sacred is inherently and fundamentally paradoxical. “To hell with” may have come to seem to you a mere expression but that’s just because you are not interested in the fundamental anthropology that underlies the sentiment. You take the existence of human language (i.e. Its origins, its difference from non-human forms of communication) for granted.

        • truepeers

          Re prolonging suffering, what i am arguing is that your position does more than mine to prolong suffering though i acknowledge that some amount of suffering is unavoidable in life. Assisted suicide creates a new kind of agony for those who now think they are called by society and their (likely impatient) families to decide and to defend their decision. And it creates agony for the family who have their own desires and have no “true” way to present these to the suffering relative while pretending to appear caring or neutral or moral or just or whatever face they try to put on it.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Your sufferers need approval, it seems. Could you please cite your Sufferers’ Data?

          • Jim Fox

            What do you mean, “my sufferers”?? What ‘approval’? FYI , ‘Dignitas’ in Switzerland accepts ‘being weary of life’ as valid for euthanasia.
            AS for offending others, they would be the religious fanatics? Contemptible and fully deserving of ridicule.

      • Jim Fox

        “To hell with…” is a mere expression and has NO religious meaning to me. Much like “For chrissake!”

        • Minicapt

          So … you also ‘improve’ the meanings of words to suit your emotive fantasies?


          • Jim Fox

            What precisely is this strange statement intended to convey??

        • Justin St.Denis

          You say these things why then? To offend others intentionally? Interesting perspective you got there, Skippy……

          • Jim Fox

            Plain statement of fact. If people are offended by fact, tough.

        • Frances

          Jim – to you it’s nothing; to me it’s blasphemy. So I would very much appreciate it if you would refrain from using that particular phrase in my presence.

          Back in the day, when I was a student, a fellow classmate and I were working in a lab. He kept saying “Oh my god, oh my god”. Finally I turned around and asked him to please stop blaspheming. Didn’t hear that particular phrase again. But then, he was a good guy, just not thinking about what he was saying.

          • Jim Fox

            AS an atheist I have no respect for your belief in fairy stories, nor for a mind that is indoctrinated and lacks the ability to think.
            Blasphemy is a medieval concept much loved by Islam, and punishable by death- so, to hell with your sick, stupid religion. You should be ashamed.

    • I think the problem is fostering a culture in which doctors become executioners. The vast majority of people who really want to die can find a way of killing themselves.

      • Exile1981


    • Alain

      Nothing prevents them from taking their own life without involving the state or others. As for “playing God”, you are proposing just that.

    • Blacksmith

      If you want to end your life there are many ways to do it that don’t require the government to be involved. The govt should not be in the death business.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But at least it does provide more room for more refugees.

  • UCSPanther

    The Djinn is out of the bottle…

  • Blacksmith

    This started decades ago and this is the end we said would come way back then. Sucks to be right but we knew this would happen. It will get much worse with people being exterminated for religious and political reasons unless we stop it now.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I see nothing wrong with Europe mandating that 10% of all Europeans, at least the non Muslims must commit suicide. For the Muslims this should include suicide bombing. After all…..colonialism.