The Grinch comes on Boxing Day

To my house. Wouldn’t you know it:

❯❯ IT’S CONFIRMED! You’re Being Treated to 8 Complimentary Weeks of The Times

I had naturally hoped that my continued failure to pay attention to the inventors/popularizers of terms like “fake but accurate” and “white Hispanic” would somehow grasp the fact that a person who isn’t into their agenda is NOT going to give them money.

It’s like giving blood to a vampire and expecting him to then just go away …

Readers, is it common for people who despise the agenda of the PR-for-unfree-societies media to actually give them money? Thoughts. – d.


  • BradThomas

    Even though they are (I assume) in the business of trying to make a profit, they are also ideological crusaders. And if they can win you to their “side”, what a great propaganda coup it would be for them! 😉

    Or maybe they’re just stupid. That works too ….

  • Even if such media payed me money to take their evil propaganda rags, I would not.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Eight weeks? They must be desperate.

  • Blacksmith

    Maybe a way to send a message is to put out a trash can clearly labeled ‘the Times’ so when it is delivered everyone will know where it goes.

  • bargogx1

    Well, I’ve been subscribing to the Toronto Star for a few years, but only because they’re practically giving it to me, and they’re the only publication that is currently putting out any kind of TV listings magazine. I’m probably going to cancel it soon anyway though.

  • Minicapt

    My offer was for ‘8 weeks free, and then 50% off for one year’. One offer every day for months …